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Isokinetic exercise machine, the MiniGym, is available in three models – MiniGym 101, Super MiniGym 190 and Super II. The equipment is described as home sports fitness equipment that can also be used for rehabilitation after injury.

List of Ingredients

MiniGym 101: Base unit and two different handle grips.

Super MiniGym 190: Base unit with LCD and two different handle grips.

Super II: Base unit with LCD, wall attachment and two different handle grips.

Product Features

MiniGym is described as more of a rehabilitation unit versus a fitness machine. The website states that most insurance companies cover the cost of rehab services when used in conjunction with the MiniGym. The prices of the units are $295, $495 and $895 respectively, which is far more than most small home gyms. This could account for the promotion aimed at rehabilitation. Units with LCD panels measure power, work, time, reps and average reps per workout.

With only a straight handle grip and enclosed handle grip, there are very few exercises than can be performed on the MiniGym. For the price, a dieter could pay for a year’s worth of gym access or more. Gym access would provide far more exercises and, possibly, classes the dieter could use to change up fitness routines when one workout grows boring. With the MiniGym, the dieter is limited by the movement of the machine and the small size of the handle grips.

MiniGym has an official website with pricing and contact phone number. The website does not describe how the gyms can be used to increase weight loss or fat loss. In fact, there is very little information at all on the functional use of the MiniGym. An instruction booklet comes with every MiniGym and that may provide information not listed on the website.

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  • Fitness and exercise does lead to increased weight loss.


  • Prices are higher than comparable at home gyms.
  • Most of the information on the website is dedicated to rehabilitation.
  • An instruction booklet may be difficult to follow for real life exercises.
  • There is no mention of weight loss or nutritional plans.


The MiniGym is pictured on the official website with athletes in a rehabilitation setting. Testing athletic performance can be accomplished by several units, but this ability does not increase weight loss or fat loss. MiniGym seems to be a machine more for a clinical setting than the home, though the unit is small and portable. Weight loss also depends on using the machine every day. This may be too much to ask of some new dieters trying to control hunger and stay on a nutritional track. This unit may not be the best choice for someone trying to lose weight.

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