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The Mint Diet claims to be one of the newest diets to come to the lime light in 2011. It claims that it has been around for years, primarily used by Hollywood and other people in show business to lose weight quickly and effectively, without risking health. The diet is based on eating mints that contain hunger control ingredients whenever you feel hungry. To learn more about this diet and how it works, read the rest of this review. We will take a look at the mechanics to see if it is even possible to reach your weight loss goals with this program. It sounds a little too good to be true.

List of Ingredients

Tiny Mints contains the following ingredients: green tea, chocolate extract, pelargonium, and grape skin. There may be more ingredients in the formula, but these are the only ones listed on the website. We were unable to see the official product labeling.

Product Features

The Mint Diet is nothing more than relying on mints to help suppress your appetite. It claims that by popping a mint in your mouth every time you feel a craving or you want to skip a meal, an hour after doing so, you will notice hunger gone for 4 to 6 hours. Green tea is a clinically proven (in the right amounts) fat burner and appetite suppressant. Dark chocolate, in the right amounts, has been shown to help suppress the appetite. Pelargonium is a flower and the extract helps to fight stress and calm anxiety. Grape skin contains reversatol which is thought to help burn fat without dietary changes and help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and other age-related ailments.

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  • The Mint Diet contains all natural ingredients, as far as we can tell.
  • If nothing else, the mints will help your breath smell fresh.


  • The Mint Diet website uses a heavy sales and marketing pitch rather than providing real product information.
  • We do not like that we cannot see the full product label.
  • Though a free sample is offered, it requires you to enroll in an automatic shipment program, and will charge your credit card within 14 days if you do not cancel. We are not sure how easy it is to cancel.
  • We do not see a money back guarantee for this supplement.
  • The amount of the ingredients in the mint is not likely enough to produce effective results.


The Mint Diet, as much as it tries not to be another gimmick approach to weight loss, is really just that. The idea that simply sucking on a mint an hour before you want to eat or skip a meal will help control your hunger for the next four to six hours is just a little too far fetched for us. While there are some good ingredients, there is no way you can get clinically proven doses of green tea in that small package. Instead of falling victim to something like this, opt for a clinically proven weight loss supplement, and use it with a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise, and increase your water intake.

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