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Mireille Guiliano is the author of the book, French Women Don’t Get Fat. The book focuses on how French Women eat and how they manage to stay thin while enjoying meals that are high in fat and calories. A companion cookbook is also available. Mireille Guiliano also recommends eating dark chocolate for improved health and satisfaction.

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For dieters who have wondered why French women also seem to be eating good food and drinking good wine without gaining weight, Mireille Guiliano has the answer in her French Women Don’t Get Fat book. The description of the French Women Don’t Get Fat book by Mireille Guiliano is not brilliant. According to the author, French women who want to remain thin need to make proper food choices and exercise more often. Indulging in foods like chocolate and high fat desserts is fine as long as an additional bit of exercise is added before the end of the day. There is also a touch of advice to eat fatty first thing in the morning and a vegetable based lunch to counteract the calories from breakfast.

Mireille Guiliano has recently written a companion cookbook for her original French diet plan. The cookbook offers simple recipes like a complete list of three-ingredient soups to make weight loss easier. While some dieters seem to love the plan, others claim the information included by Mireille Guiliano is nothing new. However, this could be the meaning the author was looking to pass along. Simple changes made every day often lead to habit and then seem to be a part of life rather than a diet to follow.

Mireille Guiliano books and companion cookbook can be found for sale online. She does not sell books or products from her official website.

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  • Mireille Guiliano offers a sensible eating and exercise approach to weight loss.


  • If weight loss were simple, everyone would be thin.
  • The books do not offer new information on dieting.
  • Not every French woman is thin.
  • Mireille Guiliano is a former CEO of Cliquot, Inc – a champagne company.


Mireille Guiliano is a thin French woman that claims to have battled weight gain before writing her signature eating and exercise plan. If she battled with weight gain, why should the dieter believe French Woman Don’t Get Fat? The book is filled with simple advice lie eat less, exercise more, skip the scale and enjoy life. These are all stellar pieces of advice, but some dieters need more than advice to lose weight. As the former CEO of a champagne company, Mireille Guiliano does not have the expertise to teach dieters how to eat properly to lose weight.

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