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Mirela & Associates Skin creates skin care products for women. The product lines include Karina Skin Care. The official website for Mirela & Associates Skin product Karina Skin Care lists the various lotions and oils produced by the company. Among these products is the S&T Active treatment that claims to firm skin and tone areas with fat deposits.

List of Ingredients

S&T Active: Green Tea and Horsechestnut Extracts.

Product Features

S&T Active is the only Mirela & Associates product created for weight related problems. The treatment claims to firm and tighten skin where fat deposits have created a dimpled look. Cellulite creams in this same category use caffeine to dehydrate the area between fat cells thus improving the look of skin. This dehydration does not promote weight loss, but does leave the skin temporarily looking smoother because the water between the cells is drawn out of the body. Green tea, one of the only two ingredients listed for the S&T Active manufactured by Mirela & Associates Skin, may contain enough caffeine to cause this dehydrating reaction.

Horsechestnut extracts are also commonly used for skin conditions, but chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is the only condition for which horsechestnut extract has been proven effective. CVI often presents with swelling, varicose veins and pain in the area affected. Adding horsechestnut extract to the S&T Active treatment could reduce swelling in the area, which may make the skin appear thinner. Again, this reaction will only last as long as the treatment is being applied to the skin.

Both green tea and horsechestnut extracts create a temporary fix for cellulite. Unless weight is lost, the dimpling look of cellulite will return to the skin when treatments are stopped. Weight loss can be promoted with fat burners, healthy dietary choices and exercise. None of these is promoted on the Mirela & Associates Skin website.

S&T Active sells for $31.50 for a six fluid ounce bottle. This bottle may not last very long depending on the area being covered with each application.

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  • Green tea may have enough caffeine to create a slimming effect for a short period of time.
  • Horsechestnut extract may reduce localized swelling.


  • The cost of Mirela & Associates Skin products may be higher than proven fat burners.
  • The effect of the ingredients will only be short term.
  • Mirela & Associates Skin does not specialize in weight loss products.


While S&T Active may cause the skin to look firmer for a short period of time, the lasting effects of weight loss will be much more dramatic and less costly. Mirela & Associates Skin offer a short-term solution that may be used in conjunction with a fat burner, healthy diet and exercise program.

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