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MMA is not a new sport, but the fighters have recently been recognized as a viable part of the fitness and sporting community. MMA Muscle specializes in athletic gear and equipment for experienced MMA fighters and people who love the sport.

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MMA fitness equipment and clothing.

Product Features

MMA combines the art of boxing with the elite physical art of various wrestling and fighting techniques. The demands on the body are huge, but MMA Muscle does not focus on those demands. The company offers equipment and athletic gear for the MMA fighter or fan. Supplements used by MMA fighters are not listed on the website. Equipment, however, may be used by novice fighters or people trying to improve fitness to burn more calories.

Fitness equipment from MMA Muscle includes everything from conditioning machines to boxing stations, gloves and corner supplies. Most, if not all, equipment can be used in a home setting as part of a daily workout routine. Larger MMA Muscle equipment will require time and strength to assemble and some pieces may require more than once person for assembly.

While the equipment if perfect for home use, dieters must have dedication to see weight loss results. Working out with MMA Muscle equipment is no different than walking and doing calisthenics at home. The machines offer a bit of change and excitement to the workout but if they sit in place, no additional calorie burn will be earned.

Prices for MMA Muscle equipment and gear start at about $20.00 and reach well beyond $3800.00. Pieces like the Zebra Mat Scrubber are commonly used by gyms and not home users. When searching through the website for MMA Muscle home equipment, dieters should look for pieces that are free standing or easily mounted on a wall. Larger machines may fit in the home unassembled, but can be difficult to move out of the home once built.

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  • MMA Muscle offers many fitness machines and accessories.
  • Fitness is a good way to increase weight loss.


  • Prices seem a bit inflated compared to other store brands.
  • Equipment will not increase weight loss unless used regularly.
  • Some equipment may be difficult to assemble.
  • Complex machines may be confusing to someone unfamiliar with MMA.


MMA Muscle specializes in detailed fitness equipment for MMA fighters. Boxing accessories seem to the number one product line. Dieters may increase weight loss if they use MMA Muscle equipment on a regular basis, but that requires dedication and an understanding of boxing or fighting in general. Barbell sets and free weights are priced higher than other sporting stores. MMA Muscle does not list any supplements that can be used in combination with MMA training.

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