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Exercise is still the best way to keep our body fit and in shape. It also increases our energy so that we can be more active and make our life more enjoyable. The problem with people who wants to exercise is that they do not have time to go to the gym and can only spend a limited time for performing workout routines. That is the reason why equipments for home gym solutions are very popular nowadays. It gives people the exercise they need at the convenience of their homes and at the time that they want.

One machine that has been claiming to provide the best home gym solution is the Nautilus Mobia. This $2000 machine is marketed as home gym equipment that can burn fats twice as much as a treadmill can. It also has a futuristic design. To be able to help you decide if the price tag for the Nautilus Mobia machine is worth it, we will review the product and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

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Product Features

Nautilus Mobia features two treadles that tilt up and down as you use it. The treadle rises to meet your foot and thus lessening the impact. Each treadle has its own moving belt. The Mobia looks like a treadmill but it functions as an elliptical machine because of it’s up and down motion. The mobia has a great console for controlling the speed and features multiple function displays for heart rate, speed, weight, calories and distance.

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  • The Mobia provides extra motion and resistance than a treadmill.
  • It provides an up and down motion on your feet as you walk or run on the machine.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Provides an excellent workout in a short period of time.
  • It also has a futuristic design that adds beauty to your homes. It has multiple display panels and you can personalize your workouts with the machine.


  • The biggest disadvantage of the machine is the price tag.
  • Even though it provide more functionability than a treadmill, it is still far expensive, even for an elliptical machine.
  • The machine also takes a while to put together.
  • The treadles are extremely wide spaced and a bit short.
  • When working out on the treadmill, the metal railings can be a bit hard after when your hands get sweaty.


The machine has some great functions and amazing craftsmanship on its design but spending that money on a single machine is too much for me. You can get the same function on cheaper elliptical machines available in the market. But for uniqueness and design concept it gets an A+ from me.

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