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David Nicosia Longhi, a man from Denmark, wrote The Models Diet based on his experience with diet and nutrition and information from various healthy models. He wrote the book to help other women lose weight and develop a positive mindset.

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In the book, Longhi gives women a glimpse into what life is like for models. He uses interviews from his model group to let otehrs know how they eat, and what kind of exercise programs they follow to stay in shape. He goes over each interview to provide the key points of how each one of them does it. This allows you as the reader to take away what you want, and build the plan you think will work best for your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Each interview chapter closes with a spot for you to note what you liked about the program so you can put it all together at the end. It is important to realize that models do not generally count calories but they are consciously aware of what they put in their mouths and make it healthy every time. Do not eat more than your metabolism can burn, eat more vegetables, and do not starve yourself. Longhi also provides information on the macronutrients and why you should eat them in certain ratios. The exercise advice is vague at best, with nothing more than exercise at least three times a week. This book lacks a detailed menu or recipes, and does not provide you with advice on how to form your own plan based on what you have learned.

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  • The book is based on advice from people who look good for a living.
  • The book includes information from Dr. Oz, and a nutritionist.
  • The book is against starvation diets.


  • This book does not contain a meal plan or recipes.
  • There is not enough advice on how to create your own healthy diet.
  • A lot of the advice in the book is not specific.
  • People who do not care about models will not be interested in this approach.
  • There are recommendations for plastic surgery.
  • Some models in the book support steroid use.
  • Some advice may be offensive to readers.


This book is targeted toward those who are interested in the way a model stays healthy and fit. Due to the lack of real advice in the book, we do not recommend modeling your plan after what you see presented in the book. As long as you follow a nutritionally balanced diet while including exercise on a regular basis, you will be able to lose weight. If you need an extra boost, take a proven weight loss supplement either as a fat burner or an appetite supressant.

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