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Losing weight takes knowledge, commitment, and hard work. While it is certainly possible to lose weight successfully by following a healthy diet and exercise regime it is quite difficult. In fact the challenge is so great that an entire industry of health and fitness products and programs has evolved to help people reach their weight loss goals. Some businesses, such as Momentum Fitness, are available to help dieters lose the weight they want in a setting that makes them comfortable.


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Momentum Fitness was designed with the needs of women in mind. Their goal is to change the way women think about exercise and self-image. It is a full service fitness center that works to challenge and improve both the body and mind. The three subscription options are one month, three month, or one year. Those interested in joining must contact the facility for prices and information on any special offers. Membership includes an orientation class that will help patrons decide what classes and tools to use. Individual fitness coaches are available to help members figure out exactly what they want and to help develop a workout plan to achieve those goals. There are also group and individual classes, fitness assessments, and well check-ups to ascertain progress. They even have activities for children during the day so mom can work out uninterrupted. Momentum Fitness has one location in Pennsylvania.


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  • The fitness center has won numerous local people’s choice awards.
  • The fitness center offers individualized instruction.
  • Classes are available daily.
  • Several membership plans are available to suit lifestyle and budget.




  • This fitness center is only open in one location which makes it inaccessible to the majority of dieters.
  • The fitness center is only available for women making it unsuitable for any male dieters who would like the program’s assistance.
  • It is not possible for couples to work out together.
  • The program does not offer dieters the option of weight loss supplements that help suppress appetite or burn fat.




Women who live near the Momentum Fitness center in Pennsylvania should certainly take the time to visit the facilities. It has received high praise from community members and offers a comprehensive fitness approach for women living in the area. There are certified specialists available to help teach people about proper nutrition and fitness programs. The major drawback is that only women are allowed to use the facilities and that there is only one establishment. This makes it inaccessible to the majority of dieters. Even those who live in the area will not find weight loss supplements included and will need to look elsewhere for any assistance in curbing appetite or increasing the rate at which the body is able to burn fat.

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