Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center Review

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Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center

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Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center is a weight loss clinic based in Oregon. There are several locations throughout the state, located in Albany, Hillsboro/Beaverton, Eugene, Eugene South, Florence, Lake Oswego, Portland, Roseburg, and South Salem. There are several programs available to suit the needs of just about anyone who needs to lose weight, and insurance reimbursement is available for certain providers.

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Product Features

There are several programs available to choose from, each designed to suit certain weight loss issues. The programs include: Jump Start, New Beginnings, and Monarch Maintenance. There are also program enhancements to consider, as well as the Monarch Passport, and the Monarch for Life package.

The Jump Start program is the most well known and successful program the weight loss center offers. Suitable for all patients the program is for quick weight loss, yet provides nutritionally balanced and medically backed support.

The New Beginnings program is well suited for all patients. It is best for patients who want the support and medical advice from a medical team. It is a good program for people who have tried other programs and have not seen the success they want.

The Monarch Maintenance program is designed for those who have already completed one of the other two programs and met all of their goals. This program is free and is designed to help people stay on track with their weight and nutritional goals. Over time, it is possible to gain and lose weight as our bodies change, so this program is around to keep people from rebounding heavily.

Program enhancements include: prescription medications, resting metabolic rate measurement with an FDA approved device, holistic supplements, lipotropic injections, a full lipid panel, and glucose testing. The Monarch Passport is an all inclusive benefit package that expires ten months after purchase. It includes testing, medical weight loss evaluation and program design, five one-on-one appointments, multivitamins, food journal, injections, and prescription medications. The Monarch for Life package is the same as the Passport program, except with lifetime benefits.

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  • These programs are medically backed by a team of doctors.
  • There are programs to suit anyone’s needs.


  • For people who are not located in Oregon or who cannot afford to travel to the state, this clinic offers nothing.
  • These programs may or may not be affordable for those who are interested in them, depending on what insurances are accepted.


For people in the Oregon service areas, these programs may be an excellent option for weight loss. However, since most people are not located in one of their service areas and we have not seen the actual results of their programs, we don’t recommend using a service like this for weight loss. Using a supplement that contains a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner with a balanced diet and exercise program is just as effective and is much more affordable.

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  • 1

    For the first time in 20 years I have surpassed that ugly 200# mark. I cried and the staff cried with me. I have read the comments above and its not up to the staff what you lose. its up to us individually. I have had a remarkable experience at the Roseburg office. They have cheered me the whole way through. The costs, I have a good insurance company and have a copay. but i also have a deductible. 65 pounds down and so worth the costs. There is NO committment for staying with this program I can choose to buy thier foods or go to the grocery store. I do both! This program wants you to succeed and so do the staff. I LOVE MONARCH!


  • 2
    Jacque Thomas

    What is the cost of your program and how long do you HAVE to commit to?


  • 3
    kathi berman

    do you have a place in Bend oregon?


  • 4

    The Roseburg clinic staff are amazing! They are friendly and very helpful and encouraging. The programs are easy to follow and very effective. It is a little spendy, but worth it if you have struggled and need something that’s going to work. The staff educates you so you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If you want to lose weight and are not sure how to do it right, then i’d highly recommend Monarch 🙂


  • 5
    Mike Gowins

    I would like to know the best procedure to get started Should I set up a appointment? I am a business owner, and my time is booked, But I am really dedicated to lose some weight. What are the costs? Thanks Mike Gowins


  • 6
    Jacquie Gillen

    I did not think any of the staff who work at the eugene location were warm, friendly or caring. They made me a $100 appointment and filled a $60 prescription for me but when the time came to pay i did not have enough money so i left the pills behind. They told me to come back and pick them up when i had the money. 26 days later i came back to get my pills and they told me i would need to pay $100 to have another appointment if i wanted my pills. such BS, what a scam. they dont really care- they just want your money


    Your Name

    I felt exactly the same. Paid high price because they assured me my insurance would pick it up. It did not. When I went to weigh I felt as if they had to yawn to get me on the scale. So bored with having to do another weigh in. I would lose 6 lbs at a time and it would seem I only lost nothing to the way I was treated. I only wish I could have a job like that. I know how people need to be treated and cared for. I hate hearing the commercials. It sounds like a lie.


  • 7

    Much, much better programs out there!!


  • 8

    What are the costs of wanting to lose 100 lbs?


  • 9

    Is there a certain weight you have to loose to be in your program?


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