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Founded in 2005 by Dallin Larsen, MonaVie is located in Utah. The company is a direct sales company that enlists people to sell the products on commission. Like other direct sales companies, the MonaVie products are not available to purchase in retail locations or online. The company claims to hire thousands of new independent contractors per week and has claimed that sales are over a billion annually. To introduce potential customers to the product, contractors hold tasting parties. Here the bottles of various ManaVie drinks, which are packaged in wine like bottles, are brought out for customers to taste. The cost per bottle is about $40.


Many people criticize the company as being a legal scam because of the pyramid structure and the fact that the company does not make promises as to the effects of the products, but instead allows their distributers to do so. Additionally, of the million or so people on the various sales teams, most are really just purchasing enough of the product to stay active and receive the discount.

List of Ingredients


The company does not list a full list of ingredients for the MonaVie Acai Juice.


Product Features



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  • The website is well designed and user friendly.
  • The manufacturer allows those who use the product regularly to become wholesale distributers to lessen the cost per bottle.




  • The company offers no money back guarantee on the product if the consumer is not happy with the results.
  • The product is not specifically designed to help people lose weight.
  • There are no scientific studies provided to support the claims of the product.
  • There are no customer testimonials available on the website.
  • The product contains a proprietary blend which makes it impossible to ascertain the amounts of the active ingredient that are included and therefore impossible to know the product’s effectiveness.
  • Many people have criticized the company as being a direct marketing scheme more concerned with making money than providing a beneficial product.




Without a doubt the acai berry has been making headlines because of all the health benefits it can provide. MonaVie Acai Juice certainly tries to capitalize on this good press by using the acai berry in their designer juice. While some studies have indicated a possible connection with the consumption of the berry and weight loss, it is far from conclusive and the amounts of the berry in the recommended serving are questionable. If you are looking for a tasty beverage, or a business opportunity, this product might be suitable. If you are looking for a reliable weight loss supplement you would probably will need to continue your search.

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2 User Reviews about Monavie Acai Juice

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    I use monavie active juice everyday. It really helps fight inflammation in the joints. Monavie also offers a line called RVL which is their diet plan. I don’t use the RVL but I do use the juice and their energy drink called emv. The emv tastes great and doesn’t make you jittery. The juice is kind of strong in flavor. This tastes especially great with vanilla shakes from Herbalife. It is a expensive line but I like it a lot.


  • 2

    I don’t beleive this juice has any claims associated with it about weight loss, but it’s not bad to add it here anyways since some people may beleive it’s a weight loss product. Will you eventually have a “RVL weight management” review, which, as the name suggests, is better suited for the category of weight loss? ( made by Monavie too)