Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy Review

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Energy drinks are all the rage nowadays. While it used to be soda and Gatorade, energy beverages and shots have taken over to some degree. These come in all sorts of flavors like fruit punch, cola, lemonade, mixed berry, and cherry. Some of the more popular energy beverages are Red Bull, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy. These all provide heavy doses of caffeine to give you a buzz. One product found in the Monster lineup is Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy. These beverages are brought to you by Hansen Natural, and you can find Monster energy drinks in most supermarkets and convenient stores. However, what is it that makes Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy unique?


  • Caffeine 160mg
  • B Vitamins
  • Inositol
  • Guarana Extract
  • Taurine
  • Ginseng

Product Features

Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy, like most energy beverages available, is intended to give you an energy boost. This 16-ounce, canned drink is punch-flavored, and may enhance your focus, improve your mood, and help you stay energized throughout the day. This drink is not intended to help you lose weight, nor is it intended to suppress your appetite. It is available for $2 to $3 per can.

A can of Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy provides 220 calories. As for the Caffeine content, you get 160 milligrams, which is a significant amount. In regards to the other ingredients found in this energy drink, they are pretty standard. These ingredients include B Vitamins to increase your energy, Taurine for amino acids, Guarana Extract for Caffeine, and Ginseng to enhance your mood. There is nothing that stands out to make Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy unique from the numerous other energy drinks available.

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  • This beverage should give you a jolt of energy and improve your mental clarity.
  • Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy may help lighten your mood.
  • You will not have any trouble finding this energy drink.


  • There are high levels of caffeine found in this energy beverage.
  • Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy is not unique from the other energy drinks.
  • This beverage may lead to side effects like anxiety, jitteriness, headache, and insomnia.
  • These energy drinks are addictive.


If your goal is weight loss, we do not recommend a beverage like Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy. After all, this drink is loaded with carbohydrates and sugar. This will only lead to weight gain. If you are solely looking for an energy boost, then this type of beverage might be what you are after. Just keep in mind that there is a lot of caffeine in Monster Mad Dog Punch Energy, and it may cause some side effects. Not to mention, these energy drinks tend to be quite addictive.

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