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The Montenegro Method fitness program consists of 21 minutes of working out per day for 21 days. According to the literature on the official website, the Montenegro Method combines science and fitness into a program that works the body toward a healthy place. Marta Montenegro is the creator of the Montenegro Method. She works as a journalist and publisher and founded the SOBeFit Magazine.

List of Ingredients

Endurance, Power and Strength DVDs plus a one year subscription to SOBeFit with select packages.

Product Features

The Montenegro Method is a progressive workout series that builds the body through all aspects of fitness. Strength, power, flexibility and agility are all addressed and users are taken past the point of comfortability in order to build muscle and burn calories faster. As the body grows stronger, the Montenegro Method gets more intense.

Circuit training and set workouts are included on the DVD series. Giant sets and tri sets are used to exhaust a given muscle group, most often the largest muscles of the body and core muscles. These sets include three or more exercises focused on the same body part in order to achieve more profound results. For the beginner, the Montenegro Method may be a bit too intense as a starter program.

There are no extras listed on the website to purchase with the Montenegro Method DVDs, but Marta is shown using dumbbells in various sections of the website. This could mean the consumer would have to purchase additional equipment to complete the workouts on each DVD.

Nutrition is also a part of the Montenegro Method, but no specific guidelines are listed on the website. Marta suggests DVD users follow nutritional advice in her SOBeFit Magazine, which is not included free with every DVD purchase. This adds up to another cost for the consumer.

The Montenegro Method is sold online for $39.98 as a package that includes 10 workouts and a subscription to SOBeFit Magazine.

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  • The Montenegro Method uses circuit training and varying exercises to increase fat burn and weight loss.
  • The DVDs can be ordered directly from the website.
  • Consumers are encouraged to contact Marta with questions about the program.
  • A FAQs section explains many of the technical fitness terms on the website.


  • Not every beginner will be able to keep up with the intense workouts.
  • Home workouts require dedication to fitness which can be hard for some dieters.
  • Additional equipment may be required for the Montenegro Method DVDs.


For the fitness buff looking to invest in a DVD series for home use, the Montenegro Method may be a great choice. Beginners, however, may be left feeling over worked and over budget by the time they purchase a magazine subscription, DVD series and dumbbells.

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    The Montenegro Method isn’t a weight loss system, nor is it marketed as such.

    It’s an intermediate/advanced workout program which uses plyometric and resistance exercises to increase fitness and boost metabolism. You will need light dumbbells.