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Moomiyo, an herb found in Russia, can be found growing on rocks in mountainous regions. For more than 100 years, Russia has been studying the herb for its use in bodybuilding and alternative health. Most often, athletes use moomiyo as a natural anabolic to increase the rate at which muscles grow and decrease required recovery time between workouts. It is called the natural anabolic herb.

List of Ingredients

Rock growth in the mountains of Russia.

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Though Russian athletes and cosmonauts have been using moomiyo for decades; the western cultures of the United States have just realized the potential power of this rocky growth. Reports from Russia state moomiyo gives athletes a training load gain of 15% to 27%, but these numbers have not been verified with western research. There is some belief that Aristotle was the first person to study the effects of the herb.

In the region where moomiyo grows, families use the herb in food dishes. These people live up to 10 years longer than the world average, which has brought great focus on research regarding moomiyo. The herb is typically taken via food in Russia, but western culture has dried and capsulated the supplement. Bodybuilders often consume between 200 mg and 600 m g each day in split doses. Moomiyo can only be taken for 12 days in a row before the bodybuilder must cycle off for another 12 days.

In the United States, some personal trainers will suggest moomiyo be taken at the end of the training cycle and a few days into the recovery phase, but there are no studies to back up these claims either. Moomiyo is an age old fitness herb with no clinical support.

Moomiyo is not a brand name and thus manufacturers from all over the United States and the world package the product and sell it for prices varying from $15 to $65. There is a good chance some of the supplements do NOT contain moomiyo at all.

One of the first supplement types in the United States to contain moomiyo were HGH (Human growth hormone) supplements. Natural HGH supplements have no effect on the body and many make claims that are unfounded. Moomiyo is included in these supplements as a natural anabolic.

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  • May increase life span.
  • Could have anabolic effects for improved muscle growth.


  • Price range is wide.
  • There is no proof the herb works as described.


Moomiyo is not an herb that should be used for weight loss. There are no human trials that prove the herb is safe or that is works as claimed by manufacturers. The main reason not to use moomiyo is the huge range in prices. Chances are most of the supplements online claiming to contain moomiyo do not contain the herb at all.

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