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A large part of losing weight and shedding excess body fat is exercising regularly. This is why countless medical professionals and nutritionists emphasize the importance of getting active. Not only can it help you live longer, but it can also help enable you to do more things in your life, and stay active for more years to come. One program that you may have encountered at some point is Move It and Lose It. This is a weight loss and fitness program started by one Dr. Oz. As you likely know, Dr. Oz is a famous medical physician that has his own television show, and provides all sorts of advice to people about certain products, foods, and weight loss programs.

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Move It and Lose It got started when Dr. Oz teamed up with The Elite Trainers of Sharecare. The purpose of this was to provide people with a convenient and interactive weight loss program. The core purpose is to Move It and Lose It. Since this program is offered through a convenient website, it is easy for anyone to get involved with. You are provided with expert fitness coaching, nutritional information, and advice to help you reach your weight loss goals. Of coarse the long-term goal is to stay healthy, and keep the excess body fat off for good.

It appears that Move It and Lose It just started in 2011, and is free of charge to join. When you join Move It and Lose It, you are basically joining a community of men and women that are striving to reach their weight loss goals. There are more than 500 different trainers provided to help people shed unwanted pounds before the end of August 2011.

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  • This program is available online, which is convenient.
  • There are more than 500 professional trainers involved.
  • The Move It and Lose It approach encourages people to work out.


  • It is unclear whether or not this program ends by September of 2011.
  • Some people may not like having to access the internet for weight loss.
  • There are no in-person trainers.
  • No convenient dietary supplements are involved to aid with fat burning.


More and more, there are a lot of online interactive weight loss programs emerging. This can be a wonderful thing for some dieters. One thing that is refreshing about the Move It and Lose It program is that it is free to join. This will encourage many people to get involved. However, there are no appetite suppressants or fat burning supplements involved with Move It and Lose It. So, if you are looking for an actual product to assist you with fat reduction and weight loss, this is not a good program for you.

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