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One of the things many people look for initially in a weight loss supplement is all natural ingredients. It is very exciting to think that a new combination of herbs or berries may provide a healthy weight loss supplement. This hope is often manipulated by supplement companies that will prominently feature the name of an herb or fruit in the name of a new product. Such is the case with the MoyoBerry weight loss supplement wich claims you will not only lose weight quickly but that the product will also break up and remove waste products and toxins from the body.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients include irvingia extract, gelatin, magnesium, stearalite, rice flour, and stearic acid.

Product Features

The primary ingredient in is irvingia extract, which is a derivative of the African mango. This product is not usually featured in weight loss supplements, however, there have been some scientific studies performed that prove that it does have effective weight loss properties when 1500 mg are taken three times a day. This product does not contain that amount of the extract. The company still claims that the product will allow you to lose up to 28 pounds in ten weeks. Dieters are supposed to take one capsule fifteen minutes before breakfast and another capsule fifteen minutes before lunch. Individual bottles cost $37, although discounts are available by ordering in bulk.

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  • The product does not contain stimulants.
  • The product does list the amount of each active ingredient.
  • There is a money back guarantee.
  • The company has rotating promotions and typically gives away free books with the purchase of their products.
  • The product can easily be purchased online from the manufacturer.
  • Discounts are available when purchasing multiple bottles.


  • The company offers no money back guarantee on the product if the consumer is not happy with the results.
  • There are no scientific studies provided to support the claims of the product.
  • There are no customer testimonials available on the website.
  • The amount of the primary ingredient is not sufficient to cause the weight loss observed in the scientific studies.
  • Almost all of the other ingredients in MoyoBerry are simply fillers or perseravitves.
  • The name MoyoBerry is misleading as there is no such fruit.
  • The company claims to be ranked the number one weight loss supplement, however, the website that ranked them as such is owned by the manufacturer.
  • The company employs a number of disreputable practices on their website such as specials that are only available for a limited time and claiming a reduced inventory that might sell out at any moment. However, these claims are always on the website.


This product has very little going for it other than one ingredient with has only been minimally researched. With no independent verification, no testimonials, and a high monthly cost this product is not the best weight loss supplement available.

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