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MoyoJava is coffee for dieters. The coffee is grown in African and claims to melt body fat to increase weight loss. “Scientists” back up the health, wellness and weight loss claims about MoyoJava, but no specific names are given for these professionals. Studies are given throughout the website backing up the claims of increased weight loss made by MoyoJava.

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Rare African Coffee

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MoyoJava could be one of those products dieters need to stay away from. The informational pages on the website do not offer any details about the company – red flag. There is a guarantee, but that is nearly worthless on the Internet as anyone can start a website in less than an hour and post a guarantee. It is best to look at the fine print behind all guarantees before buying a product with the sole purpose of trying and returning.

The clinical studies referenced are from some trusted medical journals like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Neurology. MoyoJava makes claims and then links to these studies, but the studies have nothing to do with MoyoJava coffee. For instance, MoyoJava claims this rare African coffee can increase brain power, but the link takes the consumer to a study about caffeine. Common coffee and other drinks contain caffeine, that is not an exclusive ingredient just in MoyoJava.

There are additional studies claiming decreased abdominal fat and increased sex drive, but these links also lead to studies on caffeine. It seems that caffeine is the only active ingredient for weight loss in MoyoJava, but the price is far higher than traditional coffee or any other caffeine-based beverage, for that matter.

MoyoJava sells for $47 a bag. The bag is the same size as a typical bag of coffee retailing for $7. The extra $40 is spent for the name because this coffee is not going to increase weight loss at all.

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  • Caffeine is proven to increase weight loss.


  • The clinical studies do not support MoyoJava.
  • MoyoJava is overpriced.
  • Dieters will not see increased weight loss.
  • Some dieters may not like the taste of the coffee.


Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine increases heart rate. No matter how cheap the bag of coffee, it will have the same (general) amount of caffeine. MoyoJava does not include some special ingredient that stimulates fat burn. Chances are, this product is a common coffee repackaged as a weight loss supplement and sold for six times more. MoyoJava does a great job of offering clinical evidence supporting green coffee and caffeine for weight loss and fat burn so dieters do learn a bit about weight loss from the manufacturer though the coffee has nothing to do with it.

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    I love this coffee not only does it taste good but I feel so much better and alone with my doctor guidence I am losing 1-2 pounds a day with the help from this coffee. I have 12 more pounds to go and I will be out of the 400′s so no matter what bad you have to say about this coffee I will say just how great it is for those of us who are sedentary because of injuries and other reasons this helps you reach your goal without further injuring yourself.