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MPOWER claims to be a “Thermogenesis and Energy Activator” supplement created by RIVALUS Sports Nutrition. MPOWER claims to decrease your body fat by over 10 percent, give you energy right away, and also increase the rate that your body’s cells burn fat by giving your mitochondria a kick into overdrive. Mitochondria live inside each cell and regulate cellular energy among other things.

RIVALUS is a Canadian company that was created to help athletes improve their performance safely and effectively. This company was created by a Dr. Darren Burke who is an exathlete who is now a researcher and professor. The official website doesn’t say what university Dr. Burke teaches at and doesn’t give a lot of background information on his expertise however.


MPOWER contains: 1) MITOLEAN, 2) p38BURN and 3) nFOCUS. MITOLEAN contains: KREBFUEL, Hakyul, Green Tea extract, Guarana Seed extract, Yerba Mate extract and Caffeine Anhydrous. The p38BURN contains: Campesterol, Rheosmin/Raspberry Ketone, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Evodiamine, and Forskolin. nFOCUS contains: Ginkgo biloba, Vinpocetine and Siberian Rhodiola Rosea.

Product Features

MPOWER claims to work directly on your mitochondria and the website suggests that the best athletes in the world have mitochondria that simply function better than an average athlete. This company has tried to let everyone have access to the same cellular energy supply. The official website has some test results posted but it doesn’t tell us who conducted these tests or where.

The official website contains quite a bit of information on MPOWER including a frequently asked questions page which contains a list of the active ingredients. MPOWER is sold on the official website for $69.99 but we can’t find a satisfaction guarantee or a free trial.

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  • MPOWER claims to contain powerful thermogenic ingredients.


  • This product claims to increase the amount and size of mitochondria inside cells but it is unknown whether or not you can actually do that with any products.
  • This product contains stimulants.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee offered on the official website


MPOWER is an interesting product. The mitochondria that live inside each of your cells do play an important role in how your body uses and distributes energy but there isn’t a lot of scientific data to back up the effectiveness of this product. MPOWER does contain some basic thermogenic ingredients such as green tea and caffeine but we don’t see a very powerful one like Citrimax.

We like what MPOWER is trying to do as thermogenesis is a great and easy way to burn excess fat and have extra energy but there are cheaper and more effective products available. We recommend finding a thermogenic weight loss product that is a little more well known.

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  • 1

    For those who are having trouble with their digestive system… i was instructed by the seller to always take this with food and never in an empty stomach.


  • 2

    i only just got this product after failing to lose any weight with healthy eating and exercise. i hope it works for me as well


  • 3

    My question is that I have BP can I still take the Mpower bills?.


  • 4

    I just got MPower today and wondering if this really works. Will update you guys of any good or bad results.


  • 5

    This product is completely amazing not sure how it works but gives you energy that you have never felt before !
    Exercise was never so easy after taking these pills it works wonders, worth the money 100 percent!


    Your Name

    Not true….



    Mower DOES work! I used it along with Encharge and got really great results! I did exercise and ate healthy. I think my body got used to them now though as they don’t work for me anymore. For first time users I would recommend 1000%


  • 6

    this product truly does work! I was a little worried about any type of side effects but I was perfectly fine. I was taking it for about a month and I am currently taking a break. However, I have not gotten my period for about a month now and I was wondering if the pill could have caused this. If anyone could help me out, that would be greatly appreciated!


    Your Name

    OMG this pill made me have uncontrollable bowel movements! How embarrassing!


  • 7

    For the ladies, has mpower effected anyone’s menstrual cycle?? i haven’t gotten my period since over a month and a half ago, which is strange (def no chence of beinng pregnant). just a little worried, don’t know if i should continue with this product or stop..



    Any physical activity can drastically effect your menstral cycle even just beginning a regular excercise regime. Go to doc if your worried but I can say this happened to me and I’m very healthy.


  • 8

    I was taking Mpower regularly for 3 months . I just found out i was 4 months pregnant and didn’t know . How is mpower going to affect baby or is it ?? Im very worried .


  • 9

    I just tried it yesterday but I felt weird after taking it. I guess I wasn’t used to feeling so energized since I’m somewhat tired lately due to 2 pt jobs and school. I’m hoping it works because I heard some good things about it. Wanted to initially try the slimspa hgc but didn’t have so this one has less caffeine and more natural. can’t wait to see the results~


  • 10

    I have tried a few fat burning products and nothing compares to mpower. Love it!


  • 11

    I have never taken any diet pills before… I started mpower this morning so I’m hoping I get good results with it 🙂


  • 12

    i have used MPower for almost a month and a half. it didnot work at all. i started pooping blood because i was so constipated it plugged me up, i stopped taking it yesterday and am fully cleared up everything.



    I use MPower and have not experienced that problem. Maybe you should try and incorporate so fiber into your diet. That’s probably what the problem is.



    I have been using mpower for the last several months 2 pills in the am before workouts and just recently started experiencing some serious digestion issues such as constipation and bloating and lots of discomfort in my lower groin…eliminated everything else out and then finally the mpower and within a couple of days I’m feeling better. Very disappointed as I love the energy that I get from the supp but I guess like everything moderation is the key….



    Lol, I am opposite, I been releasing #2 5-8 times a day for couple days now.


    Your Name

    Wow it did the opposite for me! Couldn’t get off the toilet!


  • 13

    Over the years I have used several different types of weight loss pills and although i have gotten great results with others, nothing compares to MPOWER. it gives you energy, curbs your appetite, but most of all it really does burn fat. i have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I know it may sound crazy but it feels smoother and more firm. something i have never noticed with any other pill i have tried before. I would highly recommend this to women especially. It really does eat away the fat!


  • 14

    I’ve used this product for two sets of 8 week cuts and really liked the results. I would recommend this to anyone and have already gotten a couple friends to try it, including my girl. So far, nothing but good energy and exceptional weight loss.


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