Muscle Gain Hard Core Stack Review

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What You Should Know

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Protein Factory Muscle Gain Hard Core Stack combines several other powdered supplements into one protein-based powder. The individual supplements include CFM Whey, Hydrolyzed 360, Hydrolyzed 1400, Glutamine Peptides and Peak ATP. The vanilla-flavored supplement is packaged with one bottle of Unleashed to maximize muscle gain.

Products are available for direct order from Protein Factory. The Muscle Gain Hard Core Stack sells for $153.19 for a five-pound container of powder and supplement. A review section is listed, but there are no reviews from consumers having purchased the product.

List of Ingredients

50% HRS, 25% CFM Whey, 10% Hydrolyzed 360, 10% Hydrolyzed 1400, 5% Glutamine Peptides, Peak ATP, Vanilla and Splenda.

Unleashed: Avena Sativa, Muria Puama, Trimethylglycine, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Urtica Dioica and Ashwagandha.

Product Features

HRS is hydrolyzed rice syrup. This is just another form of sugar created for bodybuilding supplements. Sugar is a source of carbohydrates used to transport protein to muscles during the building phase of bodybuilding. Carbohydrates, no matter the source, contain four calories per gram. Bodybuilders with diabetes should not take carbohydrate-laced protein supplements as they may affect blood sugar levels. This is true even if the manufacturer claims the carbohydrate source is low-glycemic.

CFM Whey is whey protein. Protein drives muscle growth and is a common ingredient in bodybuilding supplements. Whey protein comes from a milk-based source. Hydrolyzed 360 and Hydrolyzed 1400 are pre-digested protein sources. Pre-digested protein is supposed to be more bioavailable to the body because part of the digestion is already complete. Despite this claim, protein still has to make it through digestion at the same rate as food and other proteins.

Glutamine peptides are included in the Muscle Gain Hard Core Stack to aid protein digestion. This is a bit confusing as much of the protein is pre-digested which is supposed to help it digest easier.

Peak ATP claims to aid in energy production. Vanilla and Splenda add flavor and sweetness.

Unleashed is a testosterone boosting supplement. The ingredients are commonly found in such products, but none is proven to increase free testosterone levels in the body.

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  • All ingredients are available from the Protein Factory website.
  • Protein is essential for building muscle.
  • The price as a stack is cheaper than the total of the individual supplements.


  • Pre-digested protein may not digest any faster.
  • Unleashed will not increase testosterone levels.
  • This product is marketed for bodybuilders, not the average dieters.
  • There are so many products on the Protein Factory website, this one could be hard to find.


If a novice bodybuilder is looking for a stack to start out, this could be a good choice. It combines many of the supplements bodybuilders purchase separately. The price, however, may be too high for some consumers.

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