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What You Should Know

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Muscle Gauge Nutrition offers direct ordering for supplements designed for the athlete. There are some fat burners that bleed over into weight loss, but the ingredients are not quite the same as a dedicated fat burner for the average dieter. Sometimes, athletic supplements will include ingredients like creatine with caffeine and other times the caffeine amounts will be so high that the average dieter will feel negative side effects from taking the supplement. Under the “Dietary Supps” category we find several fat burners and energy boosters.

List of Ingredients

Sports supplement website with private labeling options. Supplements for weight loss include, Trim Down Fat Burner, Caffeine and Gauge Lean.

Product Features

Muscle Gauge Nutrition offers only three fat burning / energy supplements. Trim Down Fat Burner is the only real weight loss supplement at Caffeine is an energy booster and Gauge Lean is a meal replacement shake. Trim Down contains 140 mg of caffeine, but it also contains phenylethylamine and a stimulant known to cause heart palpitations.

In addition to selling supplements, Muscle Gauge Nutrition sells private label rights supplements. This means the company will formulate supplements or sell a generic ingredient list with a new label. Companies can simply call and order a large batch, send in specs for the label and voila, there is a new supplement on the market. This could mean that multiple supplements on the market carry the same ingredient list, just different labels.

The website design is fairly simply. All products are listed with an image of the label to the right side of the product description. The label includes all ingredients, though some ingredients are included in proprietary blends. The company lists contact information and offers an online shop so dieters can choose to order from the manufacturer.

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  • Muscle Gauge Nutrition offers supplements for muscle growth, weight loss and weight gain.
  • All supplement descriptions include ingredients and suggested dosage.
  • The product descriptions offer a bit of information on each of the supplements.
  • Products can be ordered online.


  • The one fat burner contains ingredients that are not safe for all dieters.
  • Supplements are designed for athletes, not dieters.
  • The company runs a private label business selling supplements with customizable product labels.


Not only are the weight loss supplements sold by Muscle Gauge Nutrition a bit lacking, the website offers private label services to other companies. It seems that Muscle Gauge Nutrition was not making the money it wanted by selling products so it decided to formulate them for other companies. We are not thrilled with the ingredient list in the single fat burner, so we cannot image more of that same ingredient list flooding the market.

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