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You may have purchased a weight loss book, fitness text, or diet book at some point or another. At this point, there are endless options when it comes to books on weight loss, getting lean, building muscle, eating healthy, and low-fat recipes. You can find oodles of these texts in local bookstores, and even more of them online. Many modern weight loss books are eBooks that are simply downloaded for a fee. This way you do not even have to wait for the book to ship. In this piece, we are going to address one book in particular, which is Muscle Revolution. It was written by one Chad Waterbury.


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Product Features

Muscle Revolution is 297 pages in length, and sells for $48 used on Amazon. This text is supposed to help you build a bigger, stronger, and leaner body. It is described as a high-performance system, and it is basically marketed at men. In this book, you will find workout illustrations, fitness advice, eating tips, and charts to assist you with getting the physique you desire.

As for weight loss supplements and diet pills, there are none included with the Muscle Revolution text. The only thing you receive is the book itself. However, you will be expected to change your eating habits, workout routines, and lifestyle when you use this fitness book. In order to see the results that the book boasts, you have to make certain changes. There does not appear to be a solid refund guarantee provided with Muscle Revolution. As for user feedback on this book, there are some good comments found online, as well as a number of discouraging comments.

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  • This book may help you gain lean muscle mass.
  • The Muscle Revolution text might teach you a healthier lifestyle.


  • There are plenty of negative comments about this book, found online.
  • There are so many fitness books that are similar to Muscle Revolution.
  • No diet pills or weight loss supplements are included with this text.
  • This book is pretty pricey at $48.
  • Some people may prefer a more convenient supplement formula for weight management.


Put simply, you should not fork out $48 on this used book if you are not trying to bulk up and gain muscle mass. After all, the Muscle Revolution text is really just more workout tips and advice about gaining lean muscle. At this point, there are so many similar books available, and many of them sell for much less. If you are mainly trying to lose excess body fat and slim down, then you should consider a dietary supplement for weight loss and weight management. There are proven products available.

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