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Muscle Tech manufactures a number of sports nutrition supplement products aimed at body builders. The Muscle Tech products are grouped into muscle builders, fat burners, and stacks. The muscle-builders include Anabolic Halo, Anabolic Vitakic, Anator-P70, Cell-Tech Hardcore, and over a dozen others. Most of the muscle-builders are based on the anabolic principle, which boosts metabolism and assists in the conversion of energy into muscle.

The Muscle Tech fat burners include Hydroxycut Hardcore, the company’s most popular product. We will focus on Hydroxycut Hardcore in this review.

Stacks focus on both muscle building and fat burning. Products in this category include: Hardcore Shredded Stack, Hardcore Muscle-Building Stack, and World Champion Jay Cutler’s Official Mass-Stack.

The Muscle Tech website is informative but definitely targeted to body builders only. The website includes full descriptions of each product, references to clinical studies supporting the effectiveness of the active ingredients, a full ingredient list and Nutrition Facts, and testimonials of each product. It does not appear that Muscle Tech products can be purchased directly from the website but the company provides a list of health food and supplement stores where they can be purchased.

We were unable to find any reference to a money back guarantee or product samples. A money back guarantee not only helps the customer buy with confidence, but it shows that the manufacturer believes in and stands behind its products.


Hydroxycut Hardcore contains the following ingredients according to the product label: green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, cissus quadrangularis extract, white willow extract, aspidosperma quebrancho-blanco extract, deanol bitartrate, xanthinol nicotinate, evodia rutaecarpa extract, inula racemosa extract, troxerutin, inositol hexaphosphate, cridium monnieri extract, black pepper extract, and yohimbine HCI.

Product Features

According to the Muscle Tech website, Hydroxycut Hardcore burns fat through five different processes: increasing norepinephrine, strengthening the fat-loss signal, inhibiting alpha receptors, blocking COMT, and maximizing thermogenesis.

Norepinephrine is a hormone and neurotransmitter responsible for signaling thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis increases metabolism and burns adipose (fat) tissue.

Many of the ingredients found in Hydroxycut Hardcore can be found in many other weight loss aids and do have some clinical support for their effectiveness, including green tea extract, caffeine and black pepper.

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  • Contains clinically proven ingredients.
  • Can be purchased through several health food and supplement stores.


  • No money back guarantee offered.
  • Not available for purchase through official website.
  • No links to clinical data supporting the effectiveness of the product itself.


Muscle Tech is a leading industry player and online testimonials about the company’s products are generally positive. We would be more impressed, however, if the manufacturer offered a money back guarantee on its products. Fortunately, there are weight loss products on the market that have similar ingredients and come with a guarantee.

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    im 72kg in wgth and still have pouch belly ript upperbody will hydrocut loose bellyfat and will my ab rip