MuscleTech HydroxySlim Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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MuscleTech HydroxyStim is a pre-workout supplement designed to help you get more from your workouts and burn more fat, instead of burning muscle. We will take a closer look at this product and how it works, so you can decide if it is the right choice to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

List of Ingredients

MuscleTech HydroxyStim contains the following ingredients: Geranium extract, caffeine anhydrous, deanol bitrate, yohimbe extract, and huperzine extract.

Product Features

MuscleTech HydroxyStim features caffeine to stimulate the fat burning process while you are working out. Other ingredients in the formula are designed to increase energy levels to keep you working steady throughout your workout. The ingredients will also work to help you improve your focus so you get a high quality workout every time you hit the gym. Another thing the ingredients do is help you ensure you are getting a good intensity with your workouts so you can get the most from them. The capsules are compact and small to make sure you get a rapid release of the ingredients so you can start feeling the benefits as soon as possible to get the most from your workout.

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  • MuscleTech HydroxyStim can help you improve your workouts.
  • The caffeine and yohimbe can help burn fat.


  • MuscleTech HydroxyStim is a pre-workout supplement, designed for people who are trying to build muscle. It may not be well suited for casual dieters.
  • This supplement is not clinically proven to work.
  • This supplement does not come with a free trial.
  • This features stimulant ingredients which may produce some negative side effects, including insomnia, headaches, and jitters.


MuscleTech HydroxyStim is not the typical weight loss supplement for someone who just has a few pounds to lose. This instead is a supplement for someone who goes to the gym a lot and is looking for a way to improve the quality of his workout. This is designed to be a pre-workout boost, and though it works as a fat burner, it will not work the same way if you do not spend time in the gym already. If you are not an avid gym go-er or body builder, this is not a supplement you should take. Instead, you should follow a balanced diet and focus on regular exercise with a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement. The supplement should contain either a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, or a combination of the two. It can help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone, to support your overall efforts. For long term weight loss with less potential for rebound, you should aim to lose no more than one to two pounds a week.

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