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MuscleTech is a distributor of popular bodybuilding and dieting products, including HydroxyCut Hardcore and Cell-Tech, and claims offer state-of-the-art products to help men gain muscle mass while cutting fat for the coveted bodybuilding figure continuously perpetuated throughout their site. Their products are very popular with amateur bodybuilders, and may also offer products useful for dieters, including their fat-cutting supplements. Achieving a strong, lean, and healthy physique is a goal of many men who wish to get into shape, and MuscleTech claims it can be gained through their products. Simply purchase their products in your local health or supplement store, such as GNC.

MuscleTech is one of the top leading bodybuilding supplement supplier in the United States, and it may offer some products that may interest dieters. The safety and effectiveness of these products is a constant concern, however, and bodybuilding products are rumored to have adverse side effects. Let’s see how effective MuscleTech’s products are for dieters.


Their biggest selling dieting product, HydroxyCut Hardcore, contains Pyroxyclene Fat Loss Blend (Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Cissus Quadrangularis Extract, White Willow Extract, Aspidosperma Quebracho-Blanco Extract), Norepidrol Intensity Focus Blend (Deanol Bitratrate, Xanthinol Nicotinate, Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract, Inula Racemosa Extract), Lasidrate Delivery Blend (Troxerutin, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Cridium Monieri Extract, Black Pepper Extract), and Yohimbacore (Yohimbine HCI).

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MuscleTech’s most popular dieting product also contains a few controversial and potentially dangerous ingredients, which include Caffeine Anhydrous and Yohimbine HCI. Caffeine Anhydrous is a stronger form of caffeine, and it is normally recommended dieters reduce their caffeine intake to avoid harmful interactions due to increased caffeine consumption, such as dehydration and rapid heartbeat. Caffeine Anhydrous is shown to increase these symptoms due to how it stimulates energy faster than regular caffeine, which may be a dangerous ingredient for those suffering from heart related problems. However, it is also shown to increase energy as a short term method, and may be useful for dieters who are seeking a quick boost during the day. Likewise, Yohimbine HCI is shown to cause the same side effects, including increased heart rate and anxiety. As for Yohimbine’s effectiveness, one study points out that it may increase fat loss in bodybuilders, although this study was conducted on a small sample and may not be from a reliable source. The risk of abnormal side effects with both ingredients is a concern, nevertheless, and dieters with pre-existing heart conditions are strongly advised to speak with a physician before considering the supplement.

This product alone is similar to MuscleTech’s other products also, and most of their supplements contain ingredients that may pose a health risk to dieters. If considering taking a MuscleTech supplement, be aware of your physical condition beforehand, along with supplementing your diet with muscle building foods. Otherwise, MuscleTech may be a risky but cheap supplement available worldwide.

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  • MuscleTech supplements are sold in popular retail stores and online for cheap.
  • It is marketed towards bodybuilders and dieters of both genders.


  • May increase the risk of heart related side effects.
  • Does not appear to contain any thermogenic ingredients.
  • Does not contain any ingredients which cause appetite suppression, an important part of any diet supplement.


MuscleTech is a popular line of supplements that will interest dieters and bodybuilders of all fitness levels, but it is important to be aware of any health hazards before taking MuscleTech supplements as it may aggravate pre-existing conditions. For a supplement, however, it certainly contains less harmful ingredients compared to other popular brands, and it does not include illegal ingredients, which are normally included in muscle supplements.

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    my husband uses the nanovapor and really likes it. I tried half a bottle of the liquid fruit punch before running on the treadmill and noticed a big difference in my speed/distance…Is this product safe for women and for a cardio workout?? It advertises for men only. Why?


  • 2

    Is NaNO Vapor safe for a 15 yr old boy? he bought it at GNC