My Big Fat Greek Diet Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

My Big Fat Greek Diet: How a 467-Pound Physician Hit His Ideal Weight and How You Can Too

What You Should Know

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Dr. Nick Yphantides is a doctor who weighed 467 pounds when he decided to lose weight. To accomplish this difficult undertaking, he changed his entire life by leaving home and journeying across the U.S. to visit Major League baseball parks – all of them. During this pilgrimage, he subsisted on protein shakes and no-cal diet drinks…only.

Product Features

In My Big Fat Greek Diet, Dr. Nick teaches readers the philosophy he developed during his weight loss journey, which he calls the “Seven Pillars of Weight Control”. The program features practical advice anyone can use, regardless of how much weight they need to lose. The book analyzes several well-known diets to help readers cherry-pick the diet advice and philosphy that will work best for each individual.

About the Author

Dr. Nick Yphantides, or “Dr. Nick” as he’s known to his patients, is the son of a Greek immigrant. He practiced as a doctor in San Diego, California, at the Escondido Community Health Center.

The Author’s “Seven Pillars”

  • Change the way you see before you change the way you look.
  • Slash your calories by eating for the right reasons.
  • Fill your tank with the right amount of the right foods.
  • Burn calories like never before.
  • Plan a radical sabbatical.
  • Don’t travel alone.
  • Realize that your weight-loss journey is for a lifetime.

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  • My Big Fat Greek Diet is compelling, heartfelt and well-written.
  • If you like self-help philosophy, this is a good book. It tries to examine the “why” of overeating.
  • It is written by a doctor and cites his personal experiences.


  • This is not a specific diet. It is more like a step-by-step approach to dieting.
  • The author states that diets don’t work, but his story is that he lost weight by consuming 800 calories per day.
  • The method this doctor used to lose weight would be impossible for most people to accomplish.
  • Nothing about the “Seven Pillars” is new or different.


This is an interesting book and a good read, but it’s unlikely to help you lose weight. Dr. Nick’s story is humble and honest, but his philosophy is that you need to change your life to lose weight. That is not exactly a startling revelation. The advice is sound; eat right, eat less, exercise more. He advises taking a “radical sabbatical” and while that might be great advice, who can afford to take a year off and do something entirely different with your life? We have to conclude that it’s a pretty good read, but it’s really not going to help most people lose weight, although it may inspire some. You already know the advice. A more direct help might be an appetite suppressant and a product that helps you burn more fat. Follow the sensible diet and exercise advice you are already familiar with, and the weight will come off.

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