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My Food Diary is a rather interesting approach to weight loss. As you surely already know, there are countless diets out there that encourage the consumption of particular pre-planned meals, and others that incorporate diet pills/supplements that are supposed to aid with overall weight reduction. Well, the My Food Diary approach is different. As revealed on the official website, you need to change your current lifestyle with this plan. It is not a crash diet or quick fix when it comes to shedding unwanted body fat. You must change your way of living permanently in order to drop weight and keep it off.

There is no set amount of pounds you are guaranteed to lose with the My Food Diary system. This program is actually called a weight loss tool and not a diet. Some of the key features you get with this online plan are a food search apparatus, a food diary to keep track of what you eat, an exercise log, support forums, and even mobile phone assistance/technology to assist you. It is claimed that you can lose twice as much weight if you track your food intake with a tool such as My Food Diary. The Wall Street Journal calls this system their favorite diet tracker. It is also recommended by New York Fitness. To get started with this program, you need to sign up and pay $9 per month.

Product Features

My Food Diary is essentially an online tool that allows dieters to track the food they consume, which is supposed to help them shed unwanted weight. The primary tools users get with this program are the food diary, exercise log, the weight loss forum, and regular reports. The official website does state that My Food Diary is a scientifically proven weight loss program. It additionally claims that this plan will lead to real long-term weight loss. Those that sign up with My Food Diary will acquire a login ID and user password for regular use.

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  • Regular exercise is encouraged with the My Food Diary plan.
  • There are a number of tools at the user’s constant disposal, which may prove beneficial to some.
  • This program is stated to be scientifically proven.


  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants involved with this plan.
  • My Food Diary is a program that calls for a complete change in lifestyle, which some individuals may not enjoy.
  • This type of weight loss plan does not come with a money-back guarantee.
  • There are very few testimonials presented on the official website at this time.


Overall, My Food Diary is a rather interesting way to tackle weight loss. Naturally there are quite a few of these kinds of programs offered online these days. This seems to be a convenient way to track the food you eat, but while keeping track of a fitness regimen at the same time. It is nice that My Food Diary is available through mobile phones as well. However, for those who desire a more convenient pill supplement, this type of program will likely not be ideal for you.

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8 User Reviews about My Food Diary

  • 1

    How do you log your food intake on the iPhone app


  • 2
    gale eveleigh

    if I enter info during the day on the cellphone, can I see the info on my computer at home later


  • 3

    lost weight 123 lb pound
    30minute or45 walk to hide
    jean pray o lord diet


  • 4

    How do I retrieve or reset my password?


  • 5
    Francis O'Neill

    This programs big problem is its bizarre food data list. Apparently it assumes most meals are eaten in chain restaurants, most of which I have literally never heard of–some have people’s names and may be celebrity chefs, not restaurants. Under “salmon” I find “Long John Silver.” Long John Silver never cooked anything in all of Treasure Island–is this a joke? Some other John Silver? Who, pray, is Mario? How does he cook? This program is hard to use if most of your food is cooked in your kitchen by your family or your cook–which presumably is the norm.



    This has not been my experience at all. Any fresh food imaginable is in the data base, as are many of the prepackaged/canned items that you might typically find at the grocery store. Any food not in their data base can be added manually, and you can also enter any recipe using the “Recipe Builder” option, which will automatically calculate caloric and nutritional values per serving.


    Sara Walsh

    Long John Silver is a long-time chain seafood restaurant in the midwest. It does sound kind of funny if you’ve never heard of it. But my experience with the program has been the same as rdiedrick. I’ve had good success finding or adding anything I needed.


  • 6
    Ken Johnson

    I recently cancelled this program–How do I rejoin?