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It is important to understand the different aspects of weight loss and staying healthy. While one major aspect is adopting healthy/nutritious eating habits, a second aspect is physical fitness and regular exercise. Exercise is very important for toning your muscles, strengthening your heart, and keeping off excess body fat. As you age, daily exercise can really play a major role in keeping your body strong and mobile. This is why so many fitness experts and weight loss professionals push workout videos, classes, and DVDs. Nowadays you can even access convenient fitness videos online. In fact, My Pypeline is one website that offers this type of workout videos.

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Product Features

My Pypeline is essentially a “workout on demand” website. Anyone can join for free, and you simply get started with a login ID and password. This website provides more than 500 different digital fitness videos. They are presented to you online with high-quality picture and sound. Moreover, you can download these videos to your iPod or burn them to a DVD. My Pypeline offers both cardio and strength training exercises. There are various types of workouts to suit a variety of needs. Users can enjoy 24/7 access to this website, and take advantage of streaming videos at any time from home or work.

Just so you know, My Pypeline provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts. This way you only need to search amongst workouts that suit your fitness level. Some types of fitness training include interval style routines, core training, resistance workouts, cardiovascular sessions, and 45-minute full-body workouts. Users can access the “community” that is provided through the My Pypeline website as well. Workout gear to assist you with at-home training is also sold through the official website.

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  • This online program is free of charge.
  • Fitness equipment is sold through the main website.
  • My Pypeline encourages regular physical fitness, which is healthy.


  • There are no fat-burning supplements involved with My Pypeline.
  • Some dieters may not like having to use an online website regularly.
  • You may need to purchase fitness equipment for many of the exercises.
  • There is no healthy diet plan specified.


One thing is for certain; My Pypeline does push physical fitness and regular exercise. This is wonderful, and it is something all men and women should embrace. However, some people may not appreciate the fact that My Pypeline is all online. If you do not want to need your computer for getting workout videos, then this website is probably not right for you. Also, there is no healthy eating plan recommended with My Pypeline. Furthermore, there are no appetite suppressants or fat-burning supplements incorporated to aid with weight loss.

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