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The diet and weight loss market is loaded with teas at this point. It seems that herbal teas and caffeine-infused green teas are all the rage these days. In fact, many of them are claimed to assist with weight loss. More than likely you have seen a few of these tea formulas in local stores or online. In this review, we are going to take a look at one called My Slim Tea. It is claimed to aid with weight reduction, and may even contain components that help with cancer prevention.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

My Slim Tea is an Oolong Tea formula that is said to increase the user’s metabolism, and burn away unwanted body fat. As you may know, increasing your body’s metabolism or core heat is typically essential when it comes to weight reduction. By increasing your metabolic rate, you increase the speed you burn off calories from food and beverages. My Slim Tea is additionally supposed to improve the user’s digestive functioning, boost energy levels, decrease appetite, and improve the user’s skin or complexion.

There are a couple notable ingredients incorporated into My Slim Tea. One of these is Chinese Wu-Yi Tea, which may increase the metabolism and help burn off fat. This formula also offers antioxidants that help with fat burning, and combat free radicals in the body (may aid with cancer prevention). Like some other diet products, My Slim Tea is geared toward individuals striving to drop 20 pounds or more. Unfortunately there is no price posted for this weight loss product, but there is a free trial offered, which automatically enrolls buyers into a monthly program. This means your credit card will be billed/charged monthly for the cost of My Slim Tea. No scientific evidence or clinical trial results are posted.

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  • This product contains antioxidants, which do combat free radicals.
  • Individuals using My Slim Tea may experience increased energy levels.
  • This product may improve the user’s skin or complexion.


  • There is no official price posted for My Slim Tea.
  • A complete list of ingredients is not provided.
  • This product is loaded with caffeine, which is a diuretic.
  • There is no exercise program mentioned for My Slim Tea.
  • No diet plan is mentioned for this weight loss product.


When it comes down to it, we certainly cannot recommend My Slim Tea. After all, there is very little information provided on this weight loss formula. Also, no price is posted, and dieters are forced into an automated payment plan when they receive a “free trial” of My Slim Tea. Finally, there is no scientific evidence or clinical proof supporting this product.

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