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Healthy dieting and weight loss is becoming a very popular trend these days. Hence the various reality television shows that focus on fitness, dieting, and shedding pounds of body fat. One of these TV programs is “The Biggest Loser.” It stars Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper; both of which are fitness experts. Well, Bob Harper actually has his own program for weight loss nowadays, which is the My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method. There is an official website for this program, and it provides dieters with encouragement for losing unwanted body fat, and getting fit.

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Product Features

The My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method is a actually a series of DVDs. All of these DVDs are for sale via the official website, and each one sells for $14.99. The titles of these seven DVDs are as follows: Kettlebell Cardio Shred, Kettlebell Sculpted Body, Ultimate Cardio Body, Pure Burn Super Strength, Body Rev Cardio Conditioning, Yoga for the Warrior, and Bob’s Workout. Not only do these workout DVDs endeavor to assist you with burning off fat, but they also help you with toning up and building lean muscle. The My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method is kind of like having a personal trainer, but on a DVD.

Regardless of whether you are just getting started or have been exercising for years, the My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method approach is supposed to be suitable for everyone. Included in these training sessions are cardiovascular exercise, strength training, yoga, and fitness tips. Like other fitness trainers, Bob Harper strives to motivate you through these DVDs, and pushes the importance of regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. There are no supplement formulas that apply to the My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method.

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  • Bob Harper has a lot of experience with personal training.
  • These workout DVDs are suitable for both women and men.
  • This type of exercise can easily be done at home, which is convenient.


  • Like most workout DVDs, the routines may get boring after a while.
  • No convenient supplement formulas are used to help suppress hunger or burn fat.
  • A specific diet plan is not incorporated.
  • You have to buy seven separate DVDs in order to try all of the workouts.


So many personal trainers and fitness gurus have workout DVDs and online videos these days. While they are intended to assist people with weight loss and getting fit, there are so many it is difficult to determine which one is best. In regards to the My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method, this diverse approach to getting fit seems as good as most others. It is nice to see that seven different types of workouts are offered, but you should keep in mind that you have to purchase seven different DVDs, and the routines may get old after a while.

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