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With the rising popularity of video games, it stands to reason that the gaming industry would eventually begin to dabble in practical activities as well. And so it has, with the advent of fitness programs that are offered on many of the popular video game systems today. Now you can take the process a step further, with a video game aptly titled My Weight Loss Coach. This game is currently available on the Nintendo DS system, and comes with a number of features designed to offer the necessary support and information required to help you lose weight safely and effectively.

This game is the brainchild of Ubisoft software developers, in conjunction with both a nutritionist and a fitness coach, for the most accurate and up to date information possible. While the use of a weight loss coach can provide the necessary support and motivation that will help you see a weight loss program through to the end goal, we will need to look at My Weight Loss Coach a bit more closely to see if you can actually reap similar benefits from a virtual weight loss coach.

List of Ingredients

My Weight Loss Coach is not a supplement, so it does not come with a list of ingredients. However, it does include a number of components that are supposed to keep you on the right track throughout your weight loss program. These components include saved personal profiles that allow you to customize the game to your unique needs, an input reward system, a pedometer, a checkpoint system and mini-games.

Product Features

This game attempts to make weight loss a bit more interesting with a variety of mini-games designed to keep you moving and to educate you about a healthy lifestyle. The checkpoints will hold you accountable in both your physical activity and your nutritional habits; the two cornerstones of any healthy weight loss program. However, there is no supplement included to maximize the benefits of your diet and exercise program, and a virtual coach is not going to be able to hold you to the same level of accountability as a live coach will. After all, if the virtual coach doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, you can simply switch off the machine.

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  • My Weight Loss Coach provides a fun alternative to the standard diet and exercise programs available.
  • The game incorporates both a healthy diet and daily physical activity.


  • Video games are limited in the level of coaching and accountability they can provide.
  • Requires a Nintendo DS system to run the game, making the program expensive if you don’t already own the unit.
  • No supplements included with the program to maximize the benefits of diet and exercise.


While the My Weight Loss Coach program provides a fresh, fun approach to weight loss, it is probably not going to be sufficient on its own to help you meet your goals and see long-term weight loss. Combining a healthy, low calorie diet, daily exercise and a supplement containing a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant is usually the most effective and healthiest way to drop pounds, and the technology available doesn’t yet seem to have transformed the portable videogame system, the Nintendo DS, in a viable personal trainer.

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