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myApex is a website dedicated to overall fitness and weight loss. The biggest product sold on the myApex website is the bodybugg which was featured on The Biggest Loser and The Doctors, both television shows. The website offers products in the fields of nutrition and fitness. The website is owned by Apex Fitness, Inc. out of Westlake Village, CA. Apex Fitness Group is a division of 24 Hour Fitness. This could be the reason the bodybugg was used on the Biggest Loser because 24 Hour Fitness is one of the sponsors of The Biggest Loser.


Nutritional supplements and fitness products.

Product Features

The visitor to the myApex website is immediately greeted with a statement regarding contact with the website. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the bodybugg, thanks to its use on two major television shows, the website is experiencing a delay in response times to contacts. This is a positive for the myApex website as honesty is rarely found in the weight loss business.

Despite the delay, the website does list contact information of every kind. The visitor can contact myApex for more information via telephone, email and mail.

The nutritional products offered by the myApex website include multi-vitamins, fat burners, appetite suppressants, muscle builders, workout shakes and drink mixes and snacks. The two weight loss products offered are categorized Fat Burn and Resist. The fat burners available include Lean Fat Burn 1, 2, 3 and 4. None of these supplements offer complete ingredient lists, but do list a few of the major ingredients on the Buy Now page. The appetite suppressants offered include Resist Carbs and Resist Fat. Each product is aimed at helping the user resist either carbohydrates or fats. Again, no complete ingredient list is available for either product.

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  • The bodybugg is a very popular product.
  • The website offers contact information.


  • There are no complete product listings on the website.
  • Users have to register with the website before ordering.
  • No return policy could be found on the website.


myApex is feeling a surge in traffic and popularity right now due to the bodybugg support thanks to the use of the device on The Biggest Loser. However, Apex Fitness is a derivative of 24 Hour Fitness which is the biggest sponsor of the weight loss contest. The products on the website are nothing new, there are no ingredient lists available and no return policy or free trial policies listed. Weight loss supplements can be found with effective fat burners and appetite suppressants that offer all the information a visitor could want and those are the ones we support.

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3 User Reviews about MyApex

  • 1
    patricia potter

    There are no directions for how it works, no coaches, and no time provided for effective technical help.


  • 2
    Randall Smith

    Apex has messed up my order twice in the previous three months (not shipping the correct items). Their customer service phone number requires long waits and you have to take a strong tone with them to get them to correct the order.


  • 3
    lori skyler

    I bought a bottle of Apex Lean resist 3. How well does this product work and what are the side effects. It has quarana which i heard is unsafe.