Myogenix MyoLean Evolution Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Myogenix MyoLean Evolution is a protein supplement with complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and a vitamin and mineral blend. This supplement can be used as a meal replacement shake for the average dieter, though it may contain too much protein so a half or quarter serving may be best. Building muscle requires a healthy source of lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates which is exactly what this supplement provides. Myogenix MyoLean Evolution is a supreme protein ideal for any bodybuilder in any phase.

The official website includes a complete list of ingredients, direct ordering and product description. Contact information for customer service is also available. Bodybuilders may want a more detailed ingredient list to ensure double supplementation is not occurring when taking this product in conjunction with other bodybuilding products.

List of Ingredients

Penta Protein 50/50, Egg Albumin, Micellar Alpha and Beta Caseinates, BeneFat, Natural Fiber and Carbohydrate Complex, Essential Nutrient Complex, Vitamin and Mineral Complex and Citric Acid.

Product Features

Myogenix MyoLean Evolution is truly a complete protein shake mix. The base protein is easily digested. Healthy fats adds heart support and the fiber complex is ideal for intestinal and colon health. Complex carbohydrates are used instead of sugar to facilitate movement of protein to the muscle. Complex carbohydrates take longer to break down and provide longer lasting energy.

The supplement is available in five flavors – Chocolate Chunk, Vanilla Cream, Banana Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate Peanut Butter. There are no testimonials or reviews on the official website so we have no idea if the protein powder dissolves completely in juice, water or skim milk.

Dieters will be happy to know each scoop contains 14 grams of protein and fewer than 100 calories. This makes Myogenix MyoLean Evolution perfect as a meal replacement shake mix. The suggested serving size for bodybuilders is three scoops, but a dieter can easily trim that down to one scoop and add lean protein to a smoothie or shake.

Myogenix MyoLean Evolution sells for $38.95 for a 2.3-pound container.

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  • The supplement supplies a lean source of protein.
  • One scoop contains 14 grams protein and less than 100 calories.
  • The product is priced lower than comparable protein shakes.


  • The serving size noted on the container is for bodybuilders.
  • It may not dissolve well in liquids.
  • No testimonials regarding taste or texture.


Myogenix MyoLean Evolution is a great protein powder – meal replacement shake. The product provides everything the body needs for a meal and contains low calorie content. The dieter may have to get used to the taste, but that is to be expected with all protein powder supplements.

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