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Bodybuilding and working out for muscle growth often includes two supplements – creatine and protein. There are many forms of creatine and protein, but they all do generally the same thing. In the past, there have been other one-hit wonders that supposedly helped muscle growth by inhibiting myostatin. Myostatin stops muscles from growing so myostatin inhibitors fight off the effect of myostatin on muscle growth. Certain breeds of animal have been born with natural myostatin inhibitors causing extreme muscle growth and others are created in a laboratory setting to test the effects. Humans can also be born with natural myostatin inhibitors with Flex Wheeler, the bodybuilder being one of the most famous.

List of Ingredients

Cystoseira canariensis.

Product Features

If the body mutates and myostatin does not work properly, the animal or human can gain muscle very quickly. This is ideal for bodybuilders but the condition is rare so myostatin inhibitors were produced and because popular for a short time.

Cystoseira canariensis was the hit the bodybuilding community was looking for. In-vitro testing showed the brown seaweed could bind to myostatin and render it ineffective. Despite no testing on animals or humans, the supplement was marketed as the answer to becoming the next big bodybuilder. Unfortunately, studies were later done on the myostatin inhibitor showing there was no increased muscle growth associated with the supplement. The claims were simply false. Myostatin inhibitors disappeared from the supplement world, but the medical world continued to do research. Muscle-wasting diseases could be greatly slowed down if an effective myostatin inhibitor could be created for human use.

Weight loss is not the main effect myostatin inhibitors are going for, but there is a weight impact with muscle growth. Muscle burns more calories at a standstill than fat. During period of inactivity, for instance, a person with more muscle (with all other things being considered equal) would burn more calories. Unless the dieter put on pounds of muscle, however, there would not be a significant impact.

Myostatin inhibitors are no longer sold online. Chances are the next round of drugs will be released as medical treatments and not as bodybuilding supplements.

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  • Myostatin inhibitors allow increased muscle growth.


  • There are no products available on the market that works to inhibit myostatin.
  • Previously popularized products were proven ineffective.


Every bodybuilder wants to hit the gym and pack on the muscle like Flex Wheeler, but not everyone has a natural myostatin inhibitor allowing muscles to grow larger, faster. Myostatin inhibitor research will eventually come to fruition but the medical community will see benefits far before the bodybuilding or weight loss community. Myostatin inhibitors are the next big breakthrough for people living with muscle-wasting diseases.

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