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What You Should Know

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There are some weight loss products available online that may stir a little confusion. When you find a diet product that is supported by minimal information and specifics, it is difficult to trust the claims made. After all, just because a weight loss supplement is called a diet pill does not mean it is effective. We are now going to address MZT Diet Pills, which is one product that is floating around the web these days. The price of this supplement varies greatly, depending on where you find it. It is manufactured in China and comes in the form of a softgel.


  • Mar Gum
  • Purple Clover
  • Hawthorn
  • Puerarin
  • Basil
  • Gardenia
  • Cassia Seed
  • Lotus Leaf
  • Astragalus
  • Alisma
  • Apocynum Leaves
  • Plant Extracts

Product Features

MZT Diet Pills are claimed to reduce fat synthesis, minimize fat absorption, and burn off body fat, but without causing fatigue. It is specified that this supplement does not cause diarrhea or dehydration. It may help improve blood circulation. However, it is mentioned that you cannot eat spicy foods when taking MZT Diet Pills. Also, this supplement is not suitable for women who are pregnant.

Like other weight loss products, MZT Diet Pills should be taken before breakfast (two capsules). It is important not to exceed this dose. As for the ingredients found in this supplement, they include Purple Clover, Gardenia, Alisma, Cassia Seed, Astragalus, Basil, Puerarin, Hawthorn, and Lotus Leaf. However, it is unclear how these natural ingredients actually encourage real fat loss. This is something to be concerned with, since MZT Diet Pills are not supported by a satisfaction guarantee. Also, these ingredients could lead to some side effects. It depends on personal allergies and tolerances.

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  • This weight loss formula contains natural ingredients.
  • MZT Diet Pills are available through some online stores, which is convenient.


  • The ingredients used in this weight loss pill are not proven for fat loss.
  • This dietary supplement is manufactured in China, which is concerning.
  • You cannot get your money back once you buy MZT Diet Pills.
  • There are certainly more promising weight loss products available.
  • This diet pill could lead to side effects.


When you consider the serious lack of information provided on MZT Diet Pills, this weight loss supplement is not too alluring. Since there are no proven weight loss or fat burning ingredients used in this diet product, we do not recommend it. You also need to keep in mind the potential side effects a supplement like this could lead to. Moreover, this product is manufactured in China, which is concerning. Finally, you cannot get a refund for this diet product, if it fails to yield results.

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4 User Reviews about MZT Diet Pills

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    Samuel Waner

    Spot on, as usual.


  • 2

    So far the pills work…and I have not had any bad reaction.


  • 3

    Husband and I have lost a total of 29 lbs in a month while taking this diet pill. Not big fans of dieting but decided to try it after hearing of family use it then seeing their results. This article doesn’t really clarify the good or bad about it. Only the fact it comes from china. Many products comes from that origin yet we all use it. Many of us eat Chinese food with no bad effect. So do you know anything about this diet pill other than the place it comes from?


  • 4

    Is it safe to take for people who have hypothryroidism? and with Levothyroxin?