Naked Fitness Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

Naked Fitness: The Proven 28 Day Lifestyle Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain Free Body

What You Should Know

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Naked Fitness is a fitness program designed by Andrea Metcalf, and you don’t have to be naked to do it. Naked refers to breaking down the objections and fears that build barriers to fitness – stripping away the excuses.

Product Features

Naked Fitness encourages the reader to overcome objections and excuses and figure out the best exercise regime to address individual body issues based on how your body moves, looks and feels. The success of the program depends on burning 3,500 calories to lose each pound, and challenges readers to walk for two hours per day. In addition to the book, readers can download a video workout and have access to web support.

About the Author

Andrea Metcalf is a fitness expert who has appeared on a number of programs, including the Today Show and Good Morning America, and in a number of health publications and health0oriented web sites. She has three children and lives with her family in Chicago.

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  • Naked Fitness advocates a healthy program of diet and exercise.
  • The program has been successfully used in a group setting, so it has a proven success record.
  • The program addresses psychological barriers to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The program promised workouts without pain.
  • The book outlines diet and nutrition advice, lifestyle issues and an exercise plan.


  • We are not convinced that psychological barriers can be overcome by looking in the mirror.
  • The premise of the program is a little obvious.
  • The program depends on “body alignment” and makes definitive statements about becoming pain-free. This is a big promise to deliver on.


Naked Fitness is a great book to have on the shelves, but it offers no earth-shattering revelations to an experienced dieter. If you stop making excuses, eat right and exercise for two hours a day, you will lose weight. Are you surprised? Neither were we. It’s great advice, we advocate the same thing all the time. You just don’t need to lay out money for it. If it’s hard to stay on a diet – and we know it is – you need practical help in the form of an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. With these tools in your arsenal, you can create your own diet using the most powerful diet tool on earth, the internet. Find a healthy, well balanced diet plan full of foods you really like, and create menus that range about 1,200 calories a day. Then go for a walk every day. There’s really no need to make it more complicated than that.

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