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Rice bran is a healthy food choice that is high in fiber. Nanaceuticals bases all supplements it formulates on rice bran. There are currently 17 products in the Nanaceuticals line including a diabetic, Fiber and probiotic supplement. Nanaceuticals is a company created by Nana Patrician McPeak.

List of Ingredients

ProBee Probiotics: Bacillus coagulans and stabilized rice bran derivatives.

DiaCea Herbal Aid: Stabilized rice bran derivatives, biotin, chromium, zinc, alpha lipoic acid, gymnema sylvestre, banaba extract, nopal PE, bitter melon, tinospsora, cardifolia PE, Quercetin, cinnamon extract, astragulas, blueberry leaf extract, Glucomannan, goat’s rue and DMG.

FiberCea: Pre-digested stabilized rice bran fiber.

Product Features

The entire supplement line at Nanaceuticals is based on rice bran. Rice bran has been shown to contain high levels of fiber, B vitamins and trace minerals. While the health benefits associated with rice bran may be fantastic, there is some very real health issues associated with rice bran. According to a study published in October of 2008 in Environmental Science and Technology, rice bran contained higher levels of inorganic arsenic than any other grain ever tested. The effect of this inorganic arsenic will depend upon the amount of bran taken in each day and the total body weight of the person consuming the rice bran or rice bran derivative.

Taking these facts about rice bran into consideration, there are no supplements in the Nanaceuticals line that could be considered 100% safe and effective. Any intake of arsenic should be deemed a threat to health on some level. Taking the rice bran out of the equation, Nanaceuticals does not produce any supplements for weight loss. The DiaCea Herbal Aid contains some of the same ingredients used to control blood glucose levels and hunger. These supplements are often marketed as appetite suppressants and are not proven to truly suppress appetite.

Products in the Nanaceuticals line are priced between $12 and $50.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the Nanaceuticals website.


  • Rice bran contains inorganic arsenic.
  • Arsenic is known to cause cancer.
  • None of the products is created for weight loss.
  • Prices are higher than supplements that are more effective.


There are no legal or health limits set for inorganic arsenic in food or supplement products. In the United States, however, levels of inorganic arsenic are tested in water supplies and expected to stay within healthy limits. Arsenic is a carcinogenic. Carcinogenics are substances known to cause cancer. There are no supplements worth risking the development of cancer, no matter how strong or effective the formulations may be. Weight loss supplements are commonly made with safe ingredients that improve metabolism and increase caloric needs of the body. Nanaceuticals does not offer any supplements that will reach these goals.

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