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Nanotrim is a weight loss supplement that was developed by a company named NanoNutra Labs. However, the official website for this company appears to be down at this point. This diet drug sells in bottles of 60 capsules, and is directed to be taken daily with water. Like most diet products, Nanotrim aims to aid in the weight reduction process. In particular, Nanotrim is claimed to burn fat as energy, boost energy levels and balance blood sugar/insulin levels. This supplement is stated to be made from all-natural ingredients and it is supposedly suitable for both women and men. Unlike many diet drugs, Nanotrim was claimed to have addressed each individual’s condition and age separately.

Other than assisting with unwanted-fat loss, Nanotrim capsules endeavor to remove toxins from the user’s body and assist the body with healing. Some websites that market this supplement actually state that Nanotrim is “97.3% effective at reversing the imbalance that causes insulin resistance.” This diet pill sells for $95 and can be conveniently purchased online through authorized dealers. It is claimed that the official Nanotrim website offered a satisfaction guarantee with Nanotrim supplements, however, this is difficult to verify since the website is not functional anymore. Additional exercise and eating plans are not discussed with the taking of Nanotrim.

List of Ingredients

Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Nanotrim is a diet capsule that is targeted towards both women and men suffering from excess body fat. As with most weight loss pills, Nanotrim is claimed to increase energy levels, help balance blood sugar and burn away consumed fat as energy. This weight loss product additionally endeavors to battle stored body fat. Key active ingredients for this diet supplement are not addressed or discussed where Nanotrim is sold. While this supplement is stated to contain all-natural components, none are actually revealed. It’s unknown whether or not customer testimonials and/or clinical studies are presented on the website. No free trial samples of Nanotrim capsules are offered on vendor sites where it is sold.

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  • Nanotrim supplements are claimed to be made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Nanotrim is supposed to assist with blood sugar levels and insulin imbalances.
  • No prescription is required when purchasing Nanotrim capsules.


  • The official website for this product is non-functional.
  • There are no success stories posted for Nanotrim.
  • No actual active ingredients are addressed for this diet product.
  • It’s difficult to tell if some individuals will suffer from allergic reactions, since no ingredients are provided where Nanotrim is sold.
  • Although Nanotrim is supposed to be offered with a money-back guarantee, it cannot be proven with the website down.
  • The cost of Nanotrim capsules are rather high at $95 a bottle.


Looking at the big picture, Nanotrim comes across as pretty ordinary in many respects. First of all, there is no official website that’s currently accessible for this diet product. Secondly, the main active ingredients, or any ingredients for that matter, are not revealed to potential consumers. Furthermore, there are no before and after photos or testimonials supporting Nanotrim supplements as an effective weight loss product. Naturally it’s prudent to do some shopping around since many similar, better documented products are currently available.

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