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Naringin is an element of grapefruit that creates the bitter after taste many people sense when eating the fruit. It is a fruit flavonoid that gives grapefruit and other citrus fruits their antioxidant qualities. Naringin may help to lower lipid levels in the blood and protect the body against certain forms of cancer, but there are other negative side effects associated with taking Naringin or consuming grapefruit.

List of Ingredients

Flavonoid found in grapefruit.

Product Features

When Naringin is taking in conjunction with prescription medications it can increase or decrease the effectiveness. This is why many instructional sheets given with medications say not to eat the fruit within one to two hours of taking medications. There is no mention of whether this effect is the same if supplements or herbal treatments are taken with Naringin.

Naringin does not always diminish the effectiveness of an ingredient; sometimes it can make it stronger or last longer. Some weight loss supplement manufacturers include Naringin in supplements that contain caffeine. It is thought that Naringin makes the caffeine or stimulant effects last longer and thus the supplement could provide increased calorie burn or energy, depending on the situation.

Naringin does not just work with straight caffeine – other caffeine sources like kola nut, Guarana, yerba mate and green tea may also be affected in the same way as caffeine as they are all stimulants. Experts have studied the effects of Naringin and the results are not as spectacular as some diet pill manufacturers would like a dieter to believe.

There are positive studies regarding the effects of Naringin on lowering cholesterol levels and helping to fend off renal disease in patients diagnosed with diabetes. There may even be a connection between productive cancer treatment and Naringin, but neither of these specifically affects the everyday dieter trying to lose weight.

Naringin is not a standalone supplement. Dieters will typically take the ingredient as part of a weight loss supplement or fat burner that includes a stimulant source. Whether or not Naringin makes that buzz last longer is something science has yet to prove, but it remains a basis for many weight loss supplement formulas.

Naringin is not sold as a supplement for dieters to buy outright. But eating grapefruit will increase the amount of Naringin in the body.

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  • May help treat cancer.
  • May extend the time a fat burner works in the body.
  • Could possibly help lower cholesterol.


  • More studies are needed to prove the effect of Naringin.
  • It will not cause weight loss without a stimulant ingredient.
  • Some studies have proven the ingredient worthless.


Naringin is commonly consumed every day, but this grapefruit flavonoids may have a few tricks up its sleeve. If Naringin extends the life of some fat burners, like caffeine, it could be worth trying.

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