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Nasaline is a nasal cleansing system developed by the Swedish company, ENTPro. The official website is written in Swedish but there is an English version of the website dedicated to United States information and orders. There are several version of NasalineNasaline Junior, Nasaline Salt, Nasaline Snooze Medium and Nasaline Snooze Large. Nasaline can be ordered online from the Squip website. Squip is the name of the US version of the Nasaline official website.

List of Ingredients

Nasaline Adults: Irrigator, 10 saline packets and storage/travel case.

Nasaline Children: Irrigator, 10 saline packets and storage/travel case.

Nasaline Salt: 99.99% purified sodium chloride.

Product Features

Nasaline is described as a medication free nasal cleaning system. The syringe is filled with salt water and used to flush impurities out of the nose. According to the official United States website, flushing of the nasal cavity can reduce cold and flu symptoms. Other conditions that may be improved include nasal congestion due to pregnancy and relief from congestion due to nose polyps. There is no clinical information supporting these claims.

A warning is written on the Squip website about using Nasaline with ear infections or ear problems. The nasal canal is linked to the ear canal and thus, toxins and waste could be flushed into the ear during rinsing. Users are warned not to use the Nasaline system if the nose is completely blocked or pressure felt in the ear.

Feeling good is important to staying focused on a diet and exercise plan. If Nasaline works to eliminate symptoms from common colds and flu, it could increase the number of days spent in the gym or sticking with a reduced calorie-eating plan. This is the only connection between Nasaline and dieting.

The Nasaline irrigator is reusable with proper cleaning. Cleaning may include sanitizing the irrigator with high heat or a sanitizing solution. Nasaline sells for $17.95 for a child size Nasaline and $19.95 for an adult size irrigator.

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  • Online ordering is supported.
  • The Swedish company offers an English version of the official website.
  • International shipping charges do not apply.


  • Weight loss will not increase.
  • Dieters with ear problems should not use Nasaline.
  • The syringe is reusable and may need to be sanitized between uses.
  • Additional salt purchases are needed to continue using Nasaline.


Alternative therapies are growing in popularity. Nasaline is not that different from the Neti Pot featured on many morning news shows and talk shows. Both rinse the nasal passages to improve health but come with potential risks with use. Nasaline will need to be sanitized between uses and may worsen some ear conditions and infections. Dieters will see no real benefit to weight loss from using the Nasaline irrigator.

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