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Natessance Slim is a green coffee supplement that claims to fight off obesity and help dieters return to a normal body weight. The product no longer appears to be available for sale and could not be found listed with an herbal retailer in the United States. Among the claims made by the supplement are a decrease in blood sugar levels and an increase in lean muscle mass to burn more fat. Natessance Slim claims to be scientifically proven, but no clinical trials are listed on any website.

List of Ingredients

Green Coffee extract (SVETOL) 133mg , Soya fibre, gelatine.

Product Features

Green coffee is a natural antioxidant that has no stimulating effects like traditional roasted coffee beans. Natessance Slim claims to be scientifically proven to increase weight loss, but there are no listed studies. One study completed in 2006 supports the weight loss benefits of green coffee bean extract, but the study states that the extract contains caffeine. This is a stimulant that is commonly used in successful weight loss supplements to increase metabolism. If green coffee bean extract contains caffeine that could be the reason a product containing this ingredient results in increased weight loss, but the supplement would also have a stimulating effect which is something Natessance Slim denies.

No official website could be found for Natessance Slim. Third party websites list the product as being out of stock at the moment, which could mean the manufacturer has discontinued the supplement. Claims of reducing body mass index by 6% within two months of starting the supplement are not founded with testimonials. When Natessance Slim was available for sale, the product sold for $24 US.

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  • Green coffee bean extract has been proven to increase weight loss in lab animals.
  • The extract contains caffeine which is a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Natessance Slim is priced lower than other weight loss products.


  • Natessance Slim does not appear to be available for sale.
  • The product could only be found on British websites.
  • It does not appear that Natessance Slim is available for sale at this time.
  • Green coffee bean extract is not an appetite suppressant.


The manufacturer of Natessance Slim does not offer an official website with ingredient list. All ingredients found for this product were pulled from a retailer’s website. After searching through several sites, it does not appear that Natessance Slim is for sale to the public at this time. If the product were to be available, there could be significant shipping and handling costs to ship the product into the United States. The product only contains one ingredient to increase weight loss and leaves out the appetite suppressant that would work best with a stimulating ingredient like green coffee bean extract.

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