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The National Body Challenge is a program set up by the Discovery Health network. It consists of encouragement, support, and tools to get healthy and lose weight. The National Body Challenge does this through the Discovery Health channel as well as their official website.

Participants must register with the National Body Challenge on the website to be a part of the program. Once registered, participants have access to over 1,000 recipes designed by health professional. There is also a personalized fitness plan and places to track your weight and fit levels as they change throughout the program.

There is no cost to register with the website and you can sign up yourself, your family or a group of friends.

The National Body Challenge is likely to appeal to those who need to get involved in a fitness and healthy eating plan in order to lose weight, and especially to those who need guidance and consistency in doing it. Being able to compare your progress with that of others in your group provides motivation for participants who find losing weight on their own difficult.

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  • Free to register and participate.
  • Can sign up groups to provide competition and motivation.
  • Addresses both diet and exercise .
  • Support and training provided both online and through television.


  • Doesn’t take the place of a personal trainer or dietitian.
  • Doesn’t address weight loss aids that can help with weight loss.


The National Body Challenge is an interesting concept and can help those who feel alone as they try to get healthier and lose weight. There is nothing special in the recipe section of the online program. The recipes don’t favor one weight loss theory over another. For example, there are no specifically low carb or low fat recipes. All of the recipes do try to use whole foods and overall fewer calories. They are as much about healthy eating as they are about weight loss. The on demand videos available to those cable customers who have that service are helpful. The fitness plans provided are useful for those who do not know how to design one themselves. The plans are progressive and get more difficult as participants get deeper into the program. It would be nice to see some more individualized consulting available (even at a cost) so that participants can have their individual questions and needs addressed. The forums on the website allow participants to share their successes and ask questions. The National Body Challenge is a reasonable add on to any weight loss program. It doesn’t cost anything to join and can provide motivation to keep going.

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