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National Fitness is a company that helps gym owners succeed with their ownership. Some of the supportive features offered by the company include payment tracking, collection and contract writing. There is no direct interaction between National Fitness and weight loss, though the company could be the one consumers have to deal with if there is ever a problem with a gym membership, charges or cancellation.

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Gym customer support.

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National Fitness is a customer service company. When gym owners want to track customer accounts, set up recurring billing and establish a good contract with all details covered, they often need outside help. National Fitness offers that help. The gym may provide exercise equipment and classes for the dieter, but National Fitness has nothing to do with that end of the business. Instead, the company is there to take customer calls about billing and contracts in place of the actual gym staff handling the business side of things after the contract is signed.

National Fitness may work with a privately owned gym or a franchise. Typically if the gym is a franchise, the main office will contract National Fitness to handle all billing situations and the franchise will have to direct gym members to National Fitness for all billing questions. Though the franchise gym may pay a fee for the service, they are in no way associated with the National Fitness company.

National Fitness does not increase weight loss gains, improve health or affect any aspect of fat loss. Dieters need to choose a healthy diet and exercise plan paired with a good nutritional supplement to improve metabolism to lose weight. There is no mention of how much National Fitness charges for their services and we expect the charges to differ based on the depth of service provided by the company to a specific gym.

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  • Business and billing support for private and franchise gyms.


  • National Fitness does not support weight loss efforts.
  • There is no direct link between the gym, weight loss and National Fitness.
  • The company may not support all the claims made by the gym employees when contracts are signed.


National Fitness supports gym owners and not gym patrons. The company is there to take the business and billing side of the gym out of the hands of the gym owner and employees and streamline the process with a staff of customer service representatives trained in gym billing and transactions. Typically, the contracts will spell out the connection between National Fitness and the local gym in terms of the customer service company handling all billing and contractual communication in place of talking directly with the gym employees in case of a problem.

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