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What You Should Know

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Information on Natra Clean claims the supplement can rid the body of parasites and toxins. The cleanse also helps the dieter lose unwanted pounds with a formula of green tea and probiotics. The official one-page website for Natra Clean makes many claims, none of which are founded with clinical trials or research studies. The supplement is only offered as a free trial, which is linked to an auto-ship program. Most auto-ship program is hard to get out of and can cost much more than other supplement orders online.

List of Ingredients

No official list of ingredients – may contain green tea and probiotics.

Product Features

When studying the effects of colon cleansing on the body, much of the information advises that probiotics should be used after a cleanse is complete to restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the intestine. Including probiotics in a cleansing formula is useless. The cleansing ingredients will simply wash the probiotics back out through the bowel during the cleanse. Natra Clean may be a colon cleansing product, but the dieter has no way to assuring this because no ingredient list is published on the website.

If green tea is included in Natra Clean, there may be some benefit to the dieter. Green tea, in the right amounts, has been shown to increase metabolism. Other health benefits are also associated with daily intake of green tea. Natra Clean does not reveal how much green tea is included so the dieter cannot judge the potential health benefits.

Natra Clean is also ordered as a free trial for the price of shipping and handling. According to the fine print on the website, dieters will continue to receive Natra Clean if the auto-ship is not cancelled within 30 days. The billing price for a one-month supply of Natra Clean is $92.31. This price is far higher than other cleansing and weight loss supplements.

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  • Green tea, if included, can benefit weight loss efforts.


  • The auto-ship price is nearly $100 per bottle.
  • Cleansing is not part of traditional weight loss.
  • No ingredients are listed on the website.
  • Probiotics wash through the digestive system during cleansing.
  • Weight loss during colon cleansing is not permanent.


Natra Clean is not the most effective weight loss supplement a dieter could choose. With no ingredient list, the dieter must assume green tea and probiotics are included in the formula. Assuming an ingredient list could leave the consumer paying a high price for an ineffective product. The $92 price tag is too high for any colon cleansing supplement or weight loss supplement. With a free trial attached to an auto-ship program, the dieter could have trouble getting out of the first shipment.

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