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What You Should Know

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NatraTox claims to clean out bodily waste and increase metabolism. These claims are posted all over what appears to be an official website, but most of the links, including those to order the NatraTox supplement are broken. There is a possibility that NatraTox is no longer sold online and that any website attempting to sell the consumer on the supplement is an affiliate and not the manufacturer. No website means ingredients must be taken from alternative websites, which could deter trust from the consumer.

List of Ingredients

Green tea, ?

Product Features

Only one ingredient could be found for NatraTox. Green tea is listed as the new ingredient in the formula, but no other ingredients are listed. Several websites list information on the supplement but only one ingredient as well. NatraTox is a colon cleansing supplement so the consumer can assume other ingredients may include natural laxative and diuretics.

Laxative and diuretic use for weight loss is not a healthy choice. Diuretics simply force water out of the body while the herb is in the body. Once the effects of the herb wear off, the water will come back as will any weight lost. The same goes for laxatives, no matter how natural they may be. Increasing the number of bowel movements is a short-term solution to weight loss that will not last.

NatraTox offers a free trial for 12 days following the order being place. If the consumer cancels within those 12 days, they will not be charged the $92.31 for the supplement. Cancelling is the only option to stop additional orders from being sent and additional charges being placed on the credit card. There are several ambiguous colon cleansing products with this same 12 day trial and $92.31 price tag. This could mean all products with the same free trial information contain the same ingredients under different names.

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  • Green tea boosts metabolism.


  • No complete ingredient list.
  • Green tea does not cleanse the colon.
  • Colon cleansers do not lead to weight loss.
  • Diuretics could be included in the supplement.
  • The price of $92.31 is very expensive.
  • A 12-day free trial is short.
  • NatraTox free trial information is similar to other colon cleansing products.


Information on NatraTox reads like several other colon cleansing websites. The similarity between the products and lack of information or complete ingredient lists could mean they are all connected. Green tea is a successful weight loss ingredient, but is not commonly used to cleanse the colon. If NatraTox does contain common colon cleansing ingredients, any pounds shed while taking the supplement will return shortly after cleansing is stopped. Typically, weight lost through colon cleansing is just water weight not fat loss.

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