Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse Review

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Detoxification programs and cleansing programs are currently quite popular with dieters. Many people feel that these products give you a cleaner system that will be more receptive to weight loss efforts and also provide an initial weight loss as accumulated matter is flushed from your digestive system. If this is something you are interested in then Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse might be a good product for you.


List of Ingredients


Ingredients in Cleanse Now include Acai berry extract 750 mg, psylium husk 333 mg, and senna leaf 90 mg. Ingredients in Detox Now include milk thistle extract 545 mg, silymarin 468 mg, and a proprietary herbal blend 300 mg. The proprietary herbal blend contains dandelion, black radish, burdock root, ginger extract, and parsley. The Replenish Now ingredients include lactobacillus acidophilus 200 mg.


Product Features


Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse consists of three separate steps. The first step is primarily a laxative. Step two contains several diuretics to help flush fluids out of your system. Step three contains a probiotic bacteria that live in the intestinal tract and aid in digestion. The various steps are taken over the course of a weekend and one treatment costs about $13 before tax and shipping.


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  • The website is well designed and user friendly.
  • The product can easily be ordered online directly from the manufacturer.
  • The product is inexpensive.




  • The company offers no money back guarantee on the product if the consumer is not happy with the results.
  • The product is not specifically designed as a weight loss supplement.
  • There are no scientific studies provided to support the claims of the product.
  • There are no customer testimonials available on the website.
  • The product contains a proprietary blend which makes it impossible to ascertain the amounts of the active ingredient that are included and therefore impossible to know the product’s effectiveness.




If you are looking for a cleansing product, Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse is worth considering. It has several ingredients that make it a viable choice, however, the lack of testimonials and scientific data is disturbing. Additionally, this product does not offer a money back guarantee which makes it less inviting than similar products that do offer such a guarantee. Finally, if you are strictly looking for a weight loss product, this product will disappoint. It is not designed to assist in long term weight loss. Rather, it is similar to other colon cleanse products and will only offer temporary weight loss at best. If you want a weight loss supplement look for a product that has scientific evidence of effectiveness as well as customer testimonials indicating a history of happy consumers.

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4 User Reviews about Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse

  • 1

    Painful cramps in the morning, wired feeling in the stomach like you are about to through up. Similar product by Enzymatic
    Therapy worked way better without side effects.


  • 2

    DO NOT use this product!!! I was fine the first 2 days and the 3rd I felt HORRIBLE! sick to my stomach. Headache. Chills. It’s been 24 hours since my last pill and I still feel horrible!



    OMG – just as stacy said, the 3rd day was a nightmare. Vomitting, extreme headache nd body ache. Had to call in sick to work cuase of this.


  • 3

    I am a truck driver I need to be back on the road by Monday will the weekend cleanse interfere with me driving?