Natrol Slenderite Review

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What You Should Know

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Natrol Slenderite is a carb blocking, fat burning supplement that claims to increase weight loss with proven ingredients. The ingredient list is not that different from various other weight loss aids making the same claims. While the official website and description of Natrol Slenderite is professional enough, the company does not list clinical support for their ingredients or testimonials from people who have managed to achieve weight loss while taking Natrol products.

List of Ingredients

Chromium, White Kidney Bean Extract, Green Tea, 5-HTP and Caffeine.

Product Features

Many of the weight loss aids we review contain a long list of stimulants that often leave the dieter feeling jittery and nauseous. Natrol Slenderite is not one of those supplements. Instead of containing too much stimulant, Natrol Slenderite may not contain enough. The typical cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine. One serving of Natrol Slenderite contains only 75 mg. Now, if the supplement is taken in conjunction with that morning coffee, there could be a burst of energy for a short period of time and with that energy a boost to metabolism.

White kidney bean extract is a common ingredient in Natrol weight loss products. According to Natrol and many other supplement companies, white kidney bean extracts blocks carbohydrates from being broken down during the digestive process. None of these claims, however, are ever justified with clinical proof.

Green tea is the best ingredient in the Natrol Slenderite supplement. Green tea is a healthy ingredient that offers a long list of healthy benefits, including decreased appetite and increase fat burn. There are many research studies to prove these effects on the body, though again Natrol does not choose to include links or reference to any of them.

Chromium is one of the oldest weight loss ingredients. It continues to be used as a blood glucose stabilizer to control cravings in food. The trouble is chromium does not have enough power to overcome the rise and fall of blood glucose levels caused by eating high carbohydrate meals.

Natrol Slenderite sells for $22.99 from the official website. The 60 tablets account for only 15 days of usage as four tablets need to be taken daily.

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  • Green tea is a strong, proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Caffeine can increase metabolism.
  • The cost is comparable to other weight loss supplements.


  • Natrol does not use scientific research to back up supplement claims.
  • White kidney bean is not an effective ingredient.
  • There are no appetite suppressants in the supplement.
  • Caffeine, when taken without an appetite suppressant, can increase appetite.


Unfortunately, Natrol Slenderite is not the most effect weight loss supplement on the market. The use of green tea is positive, but adding in caffeine with no appetite suppressant could leave the dieter hungry and eating rather than losing weight.

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