Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women Review

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There are different ways to approach weight loss and dieting. One of the more popular approaches today is the almighty supplement formula. Although there are plenty of these diet products at your disposal, it is absolutely mandatory to do your research prior to purchasing one and taking it daily. This is so you can avoid any negative side effects, and get real assistance with fat reduction. This review was created to help you learn more about Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women, which is an over-the-counter capsule formula. It can be found online through dealers like for around $8 to $15 (60 capsules).

List of Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Calcium carbonate (calcarea carbonica) 8X, 12X, pulsatilla (wind flower) 3x, 6X, 30X, club moss (lycopodium clavatum) 6X, 12X, sodium sulphate (natrum sulfuricum) 6X, Sulfur 6X, 12X, 30X, plumbago littoraus (graphites) 12X, sea kelp (fucus vesiculosis) 3x, 6X, guarana (paulina sorbilis) 3x, iodine (lodium) 6X, 12X, thyroid glandular (thyroidinum) 4C, celandine (chelidonium majus) 6X, marking nut (anacardium orientale) 6X. Inactive ingredient: Dextrose.

Product Features

Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women is a weight loss supplement that is claimed to suppress appetite or curb hunger. It is stated to be safe, and free of ingredients like ephedra, caffeine, and synthetic drugs. Furthermore, it is a “homeopathic” formula that helps control sugar cravings, which allows users to consume fewer calories. Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women is described as 100 percent natural, and does not lead to side effects. According to distributors, this diet product works in unison with the body to naturally control appetite.

It is directed to take Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women 15 minutes prior to each meal (one capsule). Users can take this product up to nine times each day (when you feel hungry). This product should not be taken longer than a period of three months.

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  • This product is stated to be all-natural.
  • There are some customer reviews posted online for Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women.
  • Users should not experience side effects.


  • Some dieters may be allergic to certain ingredients found in this diet pill.
  • This product may need to be taken up to nine times daily.
  • There are no before and after photos provided.
  • No free trial samples are offered.


As you can see, there are numerous weight loss products on the market today that are claimed to suppress hunger. However, Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women is one that may have to be taken nine times daily in order to work. That is a lot of pills! You should consider some of the other weight loss supplements on the current market before choosing this one. Just because Natural Care Appetite For Men & Women capsules are all-natural, does not mean they are truly effective.

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