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There are many diet products out there that aim to curb your food cravings or suppress your appetite so you will consume fewer calories each day. Naturally if you eat fewer calories, you will eventually shed some body weight. While you can find products like this in local supercenters and drugstores, you can find various others online. The one we will elaborate on in this review is Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX. This product is available for a retail price of $25.95 (30 packets), and it can be used one to three times each day. Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX is simply combined with water, and then consumed with a meal.


  • Konjac-mannan
(Amorphophallus konjac) (root)
  • Sodium
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Fiber

Product Features

Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX is intended to suppress your appetite. This formula basically expands in your digestive tract when combined with water. This causes a feeling of satiety, and may help balance blood glucose levels. In turn, you will ideally consume less food, and shed excess body weight. There is no special diet plan encouraged with Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX packets, and no exercises are recommended with this supplement.

The core ingredient used in Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX packets is Plant Fiber, which is PolyGlycopleX. This natural ingredient expands in the stomach and intestines. This is what helps you feel fuller, and it may also help with regularity. Some online distributors actually post a short video clip regarding this formula, and it shows how it works when you use it for weight loss. While there are a number of user reviews posted online for Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX, not all of them are encouraging.

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  • Very few ingredients are found in Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX packets.
  • You can purchase this formula through several online stores.
  • This supplement may help improve regularity.


  • There are some user complaints about this formula not working well.
  • Some people complained of Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX not dissolving in water.
  • This supplement might cause abdominal cramps.
  • There are no ingredients used in this packet to burn off fat.


When it comes down to it, there are many fiber-based supplements available for weight loss and appetite suppression. So, what makes Natural Factor’s SlimStyles with PGX packets so unique? Well, this product does contain interesting plant fibers to help cause satiety. While this is fine, it does not really make the supplement stand out as superior. After all, you can find fiber-supplements that work in the same manner, in local drugstores and supermarkets. Therefore we do not recommend this higher priced fiber supplement packet in particular for weight loss.

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