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Natural Health is a magazine containing information on alternative medicine, health and fitness. The website is very professionally done and offers a discounted subscription, at just $12.97 for 10 issues. If you do not subscribe to the printed version of the magazine, the information from the magazine is available on the website.

List of Ingredients

There are no ingredients as this is a health magazine and not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The Natural Health magazine has tips, tricks, and other information on living a healthy lifestyle and being “green”. There is expert advice on many issues such as whether soy candles are better than conventional candles, whether or not you should used waxed floss, and if maple syrup is a healthier sweetener to use in place of sugar.

On the website, you will find a natural website search bar to help you find all natural recipes to make. You will also find an herb and supplement search bar to help you find herbs and supplements for whatever ailment you are concerned about. If you do not want to search anything in particular, you can also browse through both of the databases. While the magazine itself is a valuable resource, it seems the website is better because access to information is much quicker, and it contains more information that is spanned across many issues of the magazine.

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  • Natural Health magazine is available both in print and online.
  • Natural Health magazine contains a great deal of trustworthy information on many different health related issues.


  • Natural Health Magazine will not help you lose weight without action on your part.
  • Natural Health is not specifically designed for weight loss.
  • Natural Health is not available on many newstands.


This is a good resource of information for a variety of people-those who are looking to live healthier and lose weight, and those who are concerned about natural alternatives to medicine. If you subscribe online, you’ll pay an average of $1.30 per issue, whereas if you purchase the magazine from a newsstand or bookstore, you are likely to pay $4.00 per issue. If you do not like magazines, you should definitely take some time to browse the website, and educate yourself on a variety of health issues. You may even find a diet you want to try to help you shed that weight.

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