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Natural Max Slimming Capsule is a weight loss supplement forged with traditional Chinese medicine, according to the product description. There is no official website for the supplement, but there are several listings online that product pricing and an ingredient list. The ingredient list is eerily similar to other products claiming to use Chinese medicine as the basis for the formula. There are not proven weight loss ingredients in the supplement and some of the ingredients are known to cause loose bowels and diarrhea, despite the claim in the product description that this supplement will not cause those side effects.

List of Ingredients


  • Lotus Leaf
  • Tuckahoe
  • Cassia Seed
  • Hawkthorn
  • Herba Laminariae

Product Features

Lotus leaf is commonly used in ancient medicine to calm muscles and increase blood flow. This could mean it has stimulant properties, but there is no clinical evidence this ingredient works to increase weight loss.

Verifiable information on Tuckahoe is not easy to find. What we did find was that the ingredient may help relieve edema, or water retention. This likely means the ingredient has a diuretic effect or that it could have a laxative effect. There are multiple websites claiming Tuckahoe works to cure “simple obesity” but that is not the case.

Cassia seed is a laxative and it will increase bowel movements. There are also some claims that it may reduce blood pressure. If cassia also works as a diuretic, this could be the case. Diuretics are commonly prescribed as medical treatments for high blood pressure.

Hawkthorn is likely hawthorn. Hawthorn may support heart health and help lower blood pressure. It is also commonly used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Herba Laminariae is a little known ingredient that works as a diuretic. It may contribute to lowering blood pressure due to its diuretic qualities.

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  • All ingredients in Natural Max Slimming Capsule are found online.
  • Several of the ingredients are used to naturally lower blood pressure.


  • May lower blood pressure to unhealthy levels.
  • May cause water loss.
  • May have a laxative effect.


Natural max Slimming Capsule is not a safe supplement for weight loss. The ingredients are commonly used to lower blood pressure, relieve water retention and fight constipation. This means the supplement is nothing more than a combination of laxatives and diuretics. Long-term use of laxatives can lead to a lazy bowel and the dieter could be forced to use laxative to maintain normal bowel movements.

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  • 1

    I want to know is it any side effects? basically want to know about ladies problem in future.


  • 2

    I m 20 age and weight 70


  • 3
    Sonali Dalvi

    I want to buy this product, can u please tell me on which site its available? ASAP


  • 4

    Am on bp medication plus have ulric acid a bit on the high side. Can i use natural max slimming


  • 5
    Ajayi mulikat shade

    Pls given to me by one of your agent no epering date. Slimming cap.


  • 6

    Please explain the difference between dark green and transparent cover of capsule and dark green and light green cover of capsule. I have used green and transparent cover of capaule of NATURAL MAX SLIMMING CAPSULE GREEN BOX. Even it worked well but next time the seller send me different colour of capsule (drark green and light green) in the same NATURAL MAX SLIMMING CAPSULE ‘S green box bottle. So please help me! Should I go with this different kind of capsule


  • 7
    jean atieno

    Pliz help want to buy flex belt


  • 8

    Hi my weight 96 kg my age 28 I want slimming capsule


  • 9
    mehri naz

    Hi my weight is 92 kg my age 27 I have 2 baby can I will use this capsule my night 5.2


  • 10

    I am unable to get natural max slimming capsule.pls help!


  • 11

    I want to know that how to take the dose of blue box natural maxas i had already took it for last month and again i wanted it to buy.


    Dharmender Yadav

    Blues box


  • 12
    Annie arora

    Myself Annie weight is 60kgs n height 5.1&1/2
    …i am thinking to take dese pills…plz suggest me..i am married n i have one baby…i never get any gud review about fat burning capsule…so vary confused plz suggest



    If u want to lose weight n maintain it take tha medicine. It’s really a good and hv wonderful result


  • 13
    Mansoor khan

    I Want To Know That How Can I Take To Natural Max Slimming Advanced Capsule Red Box?


  • 14

    I.what to know how many time.can I.use it


  • 15

    Hi ,I live in the USA how do I get this capsul please


  • 16
    piera karimi

    i want blue and red box,am in kenya,how can i get it?


  • 17

    I took blue box of capsules first time in my life i couldn’t sleep…i feel lazy and not healthy besides my throat is dry inspite of me drinking water pls advise


  • 18
    Fouad Yahia

    Dear Sirs
    how can i get it on EGYPT?
    do you have a distributor?
    please advise



    I want it in Egypt please


  • 19

    is it okay to take this pills at age 16?????


  • 20
    Your Name

    U have here in Madrid,spain


  • 21

    To whom it may concern,
    I have some questions about this supplement,
    1st: how much is it?
    2nd:how can I order it ? Because I’m living in London
    3rd: how many kilos should I loose in 1 month?


  • 22

    How can I ger them ,?? im in Germany


  • 23
    joan urgelles

    How can i order here n dubai is somebody tild is was ban…i want to order..but how mch in dirhams by d way..


  • 24

    As I m nt married yet so I want to knw that does it gives any problem after the marriage to the body or in my any future life in any way?????
    Ad plzzzz tell me the exact rate of the product????
    Ad wat is procedure to take it???


  • 25

    You should to take it morning before the breakfast one hour


  • 26

    Slimming diet I try it for 5 month I loose 16 kilo loosing appetite 100%


    Your Name



  • 27

    How can i get natural max capsule in oman?


  • 28

    I have them the orginal USA blue and red box in Amman – Jordan
    contact me on my email


  • 29

    Please Could you tell me, How do i define the original and Fake Natural Max Slimming Capsule?


  • 30
    Your Name

    Natural max slimming cap


  • 31

    what is the difference between the blue , red and green natural max slimming capsule?



    Blue box is the most light dose, green a little stronger

    And Red is the strongest, but awesome results. 7kg weight loss within 1month.


  • 32
    Kiren Shrivastav

    Can natural slimming max be taken with raspberry ketones drops ?? Will it have a bad effect


  • 33
    Mary Jane

    I bought natural slimming max been using for six months now no side effect so far I have dropped 18 kgs without exercise.i love it n wil still use it



    Question to Mary Jane….Which one has she been using ? The green or the blue box ?



    How do u take it?


  • 34

    Where can i buy this max slimming pills in muscat, oman? I tried it already and i bought it in dubai and its almost finish so i want to buy again a new one plz help me..



    U can order it from instagram. Many accounts on instagram deliver to nearby countries.



    What ig account can i order natural max color blue? And what color is the most effective thanks



    Hi jane I’m here in dubai now and I will go to muscat this jan.I can buy u from here and we can meet up there in muscat f u want


  • 35

    according to uae ministry of health after making examining this product it appeared to contain ephedra which is banned in UAE and US well thats why mostly u can find it online and its been sold illegaly.
    But to be honest it really works and the most common side effects is insomina if taken after 2 pm, diarehea, and fast heart rate, as well as deep thirst but this last one did encourge me to increase my water intake.



    yes ….ur heart will beat as if you are having aches.just started taking it so i havent lost any weight


    Sherihan Tohamy

    True :)


  • 36
    Heba Ziada

    Is it safe to take this bills


  • 37

    I want 2 knw after leaving slimming natural max after 1 month ,my weight doesn’t again ????? Plzzz help me fast frnds


  • 38

    please let me know if i have hepatitis or liver problem in past and also i am diabetic will this be ok to intake are they safe for me


  • 39

    hı can u pls help me to find a orgınal Natural Max Slimming Capsules green box in turky ?


  • 40

    can u pls help me to find a outlet of natural max slimming capsule here in riyadh saudi arabia i want to buy and try it,tnx


  • 41
    Musab nogoud

    How I can get this product to kingdom of Bahrain the original ((USA))one not the fake please??



    I have them i can get it for you the orginal blue and red box from Amman – Jordan
    contact me on my email please



    I have them in Amman – Jordan contact me



    Hi,are you agent or personal work?? do u have the original natural max slimming?? and what it prices??


    i wanted to enquire…what are your prices for d capsules….coz we use to get them in muscat for 20 Ros..but now cant find them anymore..

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