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If all it took was safflower oil to lose weight, there would be no overweight or obese dieters on the earth. Conjugated linoleic acid is derived from safflower oil. Natural Max SuperTone is a conjugated linoleic acid supplement. Also known as CLA, supplements with conjugated linoleic acid are proven to reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass. Most of the clinical studies involve athletes and people in fit condition. The effect of CLA on overweight and obese individuals may not be as pronounced as other fat burners and appetite suppressants. CLA also comes with a list of potential side effects that may outweigh the potential benefits.

List of Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid derived from Safflower Oil.

Product Features

In clinical trials, CLA is proven to boost fat loss and lean muscle mass. The result is an offset of weight meaning the dieter will not see any benefit on the scale. There may be a positive benefit on BMI or body mass index. CLA is commonly found in meat, so dieters eating a diet rich in lean meats already get enough CLA to boost lean muscle mass. This supplement is targeted to dieters eating a diet with limited amounts of meat.

CLA may cause stomach discomfort and gastrointestinal side effects. These side effects should only last a short while as the body gets used to taking the supplement. In some cases, however, the negative side effects do not go away over time. If this is the case, dieters should stop taking Natural Max SuperTone and refrain from taking other supplements with CLA.

Many clinical trials showing positive benefits are performed on animals. Currently, clinical trials on humans are being performed. It may be best for the dieter to await the results of human trials on overweight and obese individuals before trying Natural Max SuperTone.

There are no testimonials, before pictures or after pictures in the product description for Natural Max SuperTone.

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  • CLA from safflower oil is the only ingredient in the supplement.
  • Likely costs less than proven fat burners.


  • Contains no stimulants.
  • Contains no appetite suppressants.
  • May cause negative gastrointestinal side effects.
  • Clinical trials are typically performed on average weight, fit individuals.
  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • No testimonials supporting weight loss claims.
  • No before and after photos.


Natural Max SuperTone is just another CLA supplement. There are hundreds of supplements on the market with CLA as the main ingredient. If these products worked as claimed, there would be far fewer dieters looking for a fat burning solution. If a dieter eats plenty of meat, they are already getting more than enough CLA to boost fat loss and lean muscle mass.

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